10 – Current Events and Big Announcements – Macro Meals Podcast – Tulsa Meal Delivery

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10 – Current Events and Big Announcements – Macro Meals Podcast – Tulsa Meal Delivery

It’s time for another macro Tulsa Meal Delivery podcasts and download where winning is the game and we have no shame. Your macro dose of motivation, nutrition and entertainment. And now your host.

Good morning, good afternoon. Wherever you’re at. It’s five o’clock. So, or it could be two. It could be, who knows, Josh, your hair looks good today. Boom. Wait outside. He got it all. We’ve got all frisky. What about yeah, I was looking, I mean at least you still have a beard, keeping the community clean. At least you still have appeared. Well, welcome everybody. I am your host. Uh, welcome to another podcast in download. I’m your host, Doug Greene. Uh, I am the CEO of macro mills and today we are talking about current events, so we don’t have a whole lot of specifics, but we have quite a bit of information we’re going to talk about, um, as always joined on my right is Mr Joshua I touch right? Uh, Tulsa’s number one nutritionist. Oh yeah. I mean he’s up there. [inaudible] coach nutrition coke. Yeah. Interesting. That’s right.

So we can just segue right into some of the current events and both one of the top Tulsa Meal Delivery ones that were, were really super proud of as, as the macro mills performance program is really taking off, uh, not only as collectively as a, uh, as a company as we do internally, but with other crossfit facilities that are actually going in. Yes. Cross from facilities. If you’re tired of doing your challenges, we can do it for you. We got them in and yeah, so g and the before and afters on that one got on the cross with the Waso shout out to Jeff might have crushed it. Yeah, they’re rushed. It just being diligent and being intentional about their, their diet team. Um, accountability, accountability thing was awesome. It’s fun to watch them, you know, help each other out and jump in. Me Jumping is awesome. Yes, it was super good.

Like the results spoke for themselves and they used to do a short six week when we do offer a four week program here, that’s every, every starts on every first of the month. Right. So we’re currently in one right now. Currently. What are now, but we’re still open. Yeah. Beginning of next month. And just let you know, we’re only taking 25. Uh, uh, currently, currently we’re only take up 25 times to people but talk to people. Yeah, we’re, we are, uh, hiring as always, we’re hiring nutrition coaches. Um, so as we bring on more nutrition coaches, if you’re actually looking for to be a nutrition coach, you can check us out. Micromill is online.com where you can find out why we are Tulsa’s number one meal delivery service and talking about nutrition goes. Yeah, yeah, it’s fine. It’s, you know, it just, you kind of guide some people through macro tracking will show you a, we use our own macro trackers and you don’t really have to eat.

So let’s talk about that a little bit. So it’s when we come into your facility or where you come into our facility to do with our current program here, um, there’s a few things that you can, you’re going to get group photo or every pose group chat, which is accountability. You get the macro tracker, which is simply you need to track your food, track these foods, put it in daily. And then where are your accountability coaches where you’ll send it to us on Sundays, every week. Don’t trust your feelings. Your, we cannot help your feelings if you’re not, I lock your fats are filling up at weights. We can’t have data. Datable let us help you. Data’s where it says trust the numbers, trust the numbers and trust your coach. Chest the coach. So yeah, I’ve been really, I, you know, I’ve been a personal trainer for years now and um, absolutely 75% of the battle is that tracking and I’m doing the nutrition.

I think it’s alarming once you start tracking stuff you and you’re like, Oh holy cow, I didn’t eat it for me. Like I realized I’ve lost seven pounds since I’ve been coaching just cause I was like, oh yeah, this and that. You know, you just get, you just forgive. But when you have this accountability and talk to people, you start to go, okay, I gotta stop eating those chips. Um, you know, I’m not tracking how many chips I’m eating, that kind of stuff. So just changing that stuff up. Even for me it was, has been seven Powell. Awesome. That’s awesome. I haven’t even really focused in on trying to do the tracker. I just kind of let it guide me as like a group thing and hold right now. So yeah, that’s good man. And one other thing with, with this is you get, um, any members did, any participant, participant that can’t talk, um, gets 10% off so you get 10% off of your macro mills.

So not only are we a mill delivery company, we have no prep Tulsa Meal Delivery company, we are Tulsa’s number one, build delivery. Woo. Uh, we have the complete solution. So you’re detrition coach can guide you through that. You can use our customs menu, uh, and, and meet your caloric needs. Um, what else was part of that? Uh, we have the tracker, we have the accountability. We have, oh, the photos, weekly photos. It might be intimidating at first. It’s not group photos by any means, right? There’s privately to Sarah. But it’s one of those ways that again, your numbers are wait are one thing, but uh, the reward center of the brain is in the part of the brain that’s not connected to logic. It needs a motion. And one of the ways that you can get emotion is knocked through numbers, but through seeing something and when you see it, it’s like you’re like the first time you saw your newborn, you know, when you see it, boom flood a flood of uh, the right chemicals that keep you motivated and keep you driven to, to get the job done.

So taking those photos, uh, weekly really, really, I mean it’s just proven science at this point. People who use photos for tracking are more successful than those who don’t want to keep it. We keep a kind of a tracking accountability with Sarah. I think it’s, it’s, it’s important to, to, to, to say this because a lot of people will come back to is I’m not seeing anything. But that’s the beauty of having you guys looking at these photos because your coach can actually tell you, man, I’m really seen improvement here where you typically would see it in the mirror or otherwise. I’ve seen it in close. Absolutely. The people from Crawford Wassup saw holy cow. Yeah. See, yeah, that was crazy. That was pretty impressive. I was very impressed. We saw different human beings, Sears. That was pretty exciting. Motivating. Yeah. Good for them. Going to say.

Got me, got me motivated to lose seven pounds. Yeah. Well cool. So, uh, what else was on there? Is there, it looks like we’ve got, you guys sort got a big news about who we hooked up with it. We’re kind of, we’re kind of moving on up and I’m moving on up. I’m happy. Just happy about all this. So, uh, we’ve been on the verge of shipping nationally, so we’re going to be going live shipping nationally here in the next few weeks. We have some vendors coming in and uh, we’re pretty excited about with that. We, uh, we brought on, uh, the one, the only broken, well Brooke Wells found crossfit or you don’t know what we just said? I’m like, who’s that number three tidy in football right now. Ask Your question. I don’t know. I, I don’t get it. You know, I don’t, you could, you could tell me his name.

I would have no idea. Give me like three college basketball players names. Don’t know any of them. Baseball players don’t know any of them. Sort of like, I just got a huge contract. Yeah. But boy do I know my crossfitters. So I’m into crossfit. Brooke walls has been in the top 10 for the last three years. So, um, she is no joke. She is a phenomenal athletes out of Tulsa, Oklahoma and super great to work at any point she could lend them on the podium at the problem became assistant a year is it can happen anytime for her as a kid. It could hit at any point. The, the Games are so grueling if you don’t watch the games. Um, it is a true tested fitness. So one of the things these people need or is like on point nutrition, she is six of us. Yes.

He works directly with us. Um, Brooke’s been eating our meals for a few months in, she, she tested it out first before, you know, she tried to form by. Yup. She didn’t have to buy it. So with that too, we also have, um, uh, I think he’s number four, the World Zach Button. He’s also from Tulsa, Oklahoma. He’s come on board. Um, so we’re super excited. We’ve got these national, a crossfit athletes, uh, have teamed up with us and there another way for us to test our, our theories on this food. Can it really help you with performance and keep the weight off? Yup. These, these, uh, high level at the top level athletes in the world bar of performing well with backup. So, and that just commercial, like if it’s good enough for them, obviously it’s good enough for us of us normal people that has movement. Yeah. Well then that’s the thing like the macro Scow, you know, versus a weight watchers or some other things.

It allows for performance. Right. Uh, and so you can eat it and still you don’t have headaches like you do with other Quitos down eating. You won’t get fatigue and lose performance. You will lose straight. You get it gets have it all. You need to tighten up, lose the fat and keep the performance, which is huge, which is huge. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Especially when they’re leading up. I mean, it is getting close to business suits. He’s, yeah, that’s true. Yeah. I’m going to be wearing my speedo. I will not be there. Wherever you’re doing that, I will not, I will go somewhere else. Come on. Just the glare alone. I’m like, who is that? Goats on the me. Please send him home. Just the glare alone. Yes. That’s officers. Yeah, it’s good. You’re welcome here for your viewing pleasure. I mean listening pleasure. So let’s talk about, uh, so we did a mini change that last Wednesday.

I want to talk a little bit about what’s on the menu before we sign off here. Uh, so first, uh, back by popular demand, not your mom’s chicken salad. A delicious, it’s not your mom’s, your mom’s not so good. On the Vegan side of Vegan Vegetarian. We have the buffalo cauliflower bowl. I’m not being in a vegetarian. I still love that. Yeah, we, we roast that cauliflower. I would venture to guess how we cook it. Uh, it’s very comparable to chicken. Yeah, seriously. Sometimes I prefer that. I mean it’s serious. I seriously prefer that sometimes. The next on the list we go south of the border. Uh, so this is Chimichurri steak. Uh, we should make a song Josh seeds and come up with a call or a little jiggle. Yeah. Little Jingle injury. A next level there is the chicken. Adobo is a Filipino favorite. Um, I brought this back over from the Philippines with me.

Um, we’re getting fancy on that. Yeah. And then next on there’s Caribbean jerk chicken, which, I mean, King Royal Caribbean is spicy chicken. You know, he might not be a jerk to you. Joshua called me a jerk. It depends on who you ask uncle with it right away. What’s next man? You got any, uh, Gorav Sola Grandma’s Sala. So that’s a, at an Indian inspired dish that we’re doing a, that’s a new, that’s never been done, that’s actually going to be served with the Zucchini and chickpeas. So jump on that one. The fellows, ladies, you’re a, you’re Indian and stuff is awfully nice man. I love it, man. I just slept there. Their boldness of Tulsa Meal Delivery spices and the, the depth of flavor and as spices, uh, you know, let’s let lower sodium, better preservative than even the salt that most, and I don’t want to scare people away with the being over the top spicy.

Is it spicy? As in the [inaudible] give you a flavor, but it’s not, it’s not like hopping, right, right. What’s the next one there? The Creole Purell beef with brown rice. Mixed vantage. Come on man. And taken it down to Dorland’s baby Louie. And then, uh, the next one, there’s the time beef alarm. A lot of people were asking, you know, what does alarm salad? So larb, uh, is a louse inspired, so Laos, Vietnamese, Cantonese flavor that was found in port, but we’re going to do it with a beef, uh, this weekend. Um, I dare you to try it. It’s over a Romaine. It’s awesome. Yeah. It looks delicious. And anything that says tightens me excited. I’m stoked. And then of course our references and, well we have a new thing on the breakfast meeting. Strawberry, banana protein, protein walls. Now the, they’ve been, you know, sampling the protein waffles here for the last couple of, we’ve been fine tuning it.

Woo. I’m not into like waffles at all and I was like, I could eat this all day. So, uh, yeah, give those a shot for sure. And they’re all male at our breakfast. Tacos are still still play on the, on the menu. So that’s good. And you get your book. Yeah. Let’s, let’s not skip over the bulk though. So when did you guys see it? Next week it will be called Brooks’ book. So we’re going to have Brooke wells, what she actually picked for that weekend. If you want to jump on, uh, what she’s doing for the week, you can obviously go in there and select what you selected for the week and uh, get your training and nutrition in the autumn to traces what you do. Click. Yup. Yup. Perfect. So I think that’s a custom meals. You’ve got all the fun stuff and there are snacks, snacks, man.

Kick the birthday cake, protein kick bikes or back. Yup. Very similar to what you eat it like this. The Starbucks ones. Yeah. They have protein powder. Not Healthy. Tom’s the, exactly, but they tasted it tasted more, but they’re helpful. That’s good. Key Lime Pie job. And as always, start chocolate. A little cookie so we can stay on for good people. People are buying them by the dozen. Seriously. So, uh, lastly, what I want to talk about before we sign off today is the, uh, family Fridays coming up, uh, starting probably around Memorial Day weekend. Every other Friday we’re going to have a free food for the family to come out to macro mills, uh, in our, uh, parking lot here. We’ll have been concessions, drinks, all that stuff. A Little Mini Street apartment ministering party. We’ll, we’ll, we’ll have feature one of our own, uh, musicians on staff here. Josh will play, I’ll play they by Megadeath or any Christian Javier. Yeah. Then non-injured Ozzy Osborne. Anyways, guys, thank you for listening and thank you for tuning in. Uh, go to the web and find out why we’re Tulsa’s number one meal delivery service and hopefully pretty soon be the national national nationals coming up national Tulsa Meal Delivery baby going next. It’s going to be crazy. Yeah. Anyways, with that said, we’d like to end every show with [inaudible].


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