11 – Current Events and Sleep Deprivation – Macro Meals Podcast – Tulsa Meals Delivery

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11 – Current Events and Sleep Deprivation – Macro Meals Podcast – Tulsa Meals Delivery

It’s time for another macro meals Tulsa Meal Delivery podcast and download where winning is the game and we have no shame. Your macro dose of motivation, nutrition and entertainment. And now your host, no green

[inaudible] beautiful Monday. I’m doing it. I’m your Tulsa Meal Delivery host with the macro meals podcast and download. Um, where are we come to you every week with some current events or some type of, uh, improvement for your life. Um, on today’s two, what we’re going to talk a little bit about is some current events obviously, uh, and uh, sleep deprivation. Why is Josh so tired all the time? Josh didn’t get his coffee today.

They get my coffee today but I didn’t, I was, yeah, I was running behind because I stayed up too late last night, which was like traditional mistakes you make right there. They stay in training like the two, the two main things that matter are the foods you eat and the sleep you get. And if you don’t combine those two, you’re not going to see the results you want from weight loss. And this is because of the cortisol levels in the brain that like don’t flush out. And how a healthy sleep is for recovery from muscle growth, uh, for fat burning. The deeper and sleep you get, the better the, the, the fat burning. So the two hours of sleep, I get it every night. It’s probably fraud so fast. Exactly. Probably why you’re blowing on, yeah. I don’t like sleeping, you know. No, no.

Is it cumulative? So you say a, a busy entrepreneur or a, uh, somebody that has a corporate job that they can get saved four hours of sleep. Is it cumulative or is it all builds up over time? It gets worse? Is it

studies I’ve seen or read and like the, like I, um, Joe Rogan has this expert that comes on one of his podcasts that just does eight hour like blast on sleep that’s been [inaudible]. So, um, we should probably tag that in this video, but he said all of the studies have proven that people who say they don’t need sleep, it’s not true. They’ve learned a pattern and you know, been able to do four to six hours of sleep, but it’s not longterm healthy. And they’ve just proven that over and over again. Eight hours of sleep is like pretty much the minimum, um, the minimum, the minimum of what they should be. But people should be getting in on the studies that they’ve done over and over again. It’s, um, just brain health. It’s just, you know, how, how, how, uh, more, um, stuff you can get out of your brain each day if you get the sleep you, you need versus people who think they’re really, um, you know, I’m rocking it, you know, they might feel good.

This is again about like using data, not feelings. Yeah. To prove stuff. Exactly. So the more I studied the longterm study all night is no being the sleep. And then you said a, is it a cumulative on the study that he was showing us the, uh, it’s kind of an exercise. It’s if someone’s like, you know, Oh, I only exercise two times a a month, but when I go in and I put a six hour session and I kill it, no, it’s the regular day in, day out of exercise helps with the flow of chemicals in the brain can go, flows in the body. That’s what it’s going to be. The pattern of health. The same thing as for sleep. It’s having a healthy pattern of sleep. Doing it on a regular basis. He even says like this binge, um, um, breaking in the weekends. Like people will sleep pretty well also.

Some people will sleep really good during the week, they have their patterns in the week and then they’ll go and stay up till two on the weekends, you know, out of clubs or with their friends. He said that even shows signs of being very unhealthy. It’s the day in, day out, seven days a week of getting the same regular pattern of sleep. So that you’re saying is basically have a set time to go to bed up time to wake up, don’t break down the weekend, don’t break it. You know, that’s, that’s just what he show any, he said it is like a quality of life issue. Like in what you know, he has a brain scientist or what he’s looking for is the highest function. He’s looking to get Formula One out of the brain, not just, you know, the regular day in day out. So most people aren’t going to follow his advice or pattern.

But if you’re looking for the greatest chance for BrainHealth, if you’re having any emotional problems, if you’re having depression, if you’re having anxiety, that’s the first place to look is sleep and food for sure. So you’re saying in the keys. So the appeal on his medication, the second medication is like, yeah, that disrupts everything. Of course. Um, the natural rhythm of the body to flush out chemicals, all of those, all those drugs destroy all that. So you know, it’s definitely just learning to get into a healthy pattern of sleep. It’s 30 minutes of rest before you fall asleep and turn off all your devices, lower the lights, you know it into a circadian Koombaya recent readings. Rape the brain. Right. What about eating cake? Whoa. Yeah. That’s another thing. What’s your cakes? What you eat before sleep is important to ice cream? No, not eating a lot of sugar.

Doesn’t help rushes to the blood. It gets the, so there’s all these things out. Well, we’ll link that. I mean, it’s an hour long thing. I’m sure our listening audience wants to see that. Cool, man. I think that I need more sleep. Cameron. Yeah, I think I need to go to the gym. And then it goes back to like all of our podcasts. It seems like if you’re intentional about your sleeve, having the right amount of sleep, having the right amount of water, having the right amount of nutrition. And you know what Josh, where you can get the right nutrition. I know where to get the right of Tulsa’s number one, reviewed mill delivery, meal prep service, macro mills, online.com. Go find out why we are Tulsa’s number one meal delivery service. Now let us say we’ve got some cool current events. Yeah. Yeah, we really cool. Awesome though. Had Fun last week. Let’s just say I had one that you had fun. I had fun. Have Fun. Uh, I always have fun. Yeah, I was like 18, a whole another level. Yeah. So we, we, uh, I think most people out there that follow our youtube or Instagram or Facebook, you’ll, you’ll notice that we’ve may or may not have included somebody knew, um, which we may have. I think we have, I’m pretty sure it’s official now. So Casey a commercial and everything. Yeah, it’s official.

Uh, so we signed a Brooke Wells, uh, on the team, so it’s a big win for us. Uh, you know, her coming on board, leaving a national competitor and coming down to the local guys and just really helping us out as is a huge, uh, close to macro melds. It speaks volumes for the team that we’ve developed. Um, it just, it’s really cool to have her onboard with that. Uh, Brooks doing commercials and stuff. Force. You guys will see that out there. Um, you’ll see on our menu now, um, Brooks a bulk package, uh, Brooke Wells weekly plan. So if you want to eat, uh, like Brooke does, um, I don’t know if you’d be able to train like she does. She’s pretty serious. You can go see your stuff out on the web. But, um, her weekly picks what she does every single week, weekend and week out. She’s intentional. She is very consistent. She’s ordered from us for about five months now and has been the exact same thing. I’m talking to a tee so you can actually get what she’s eating every single week. Um, it’s a pound of chicken. How the buffalo chicken, how mistake pound of Salmon, pound of fries, a panel of sweet potatoes and a pound of Brussels sprouts every week, every single week. So you just select her, the books, a weekly pics and go to the cart and it’s done just like her. So yeah.

Anyways, and then start trading just like her 20. Oh, why are my arms getting so big?

Um, also current events. So are, let’s talk a little bit about the macro mills performance programs are and how that’s going and then we’ll talk a little bit about what’s coming in May for that, those, those participants. So how’s it going so far? Are we seeing results?

Yeah, yeah. People coming in. We have both the group, um, one from crossfit federal also, and then we had launched the individual ones. And, uh, the results are pretty results pretty good. Like even me, I’ve lost seven pounds, just being a part of it, you know, uh, calculated exactly as most of the serious, they just keeping my head straight while coaching these guys. So, um, yeah, it’s looking great. The people are seeing results. Uh, it is one of the states, you know, some, some have to realize, you know, it is more work and they’re adapting it. And as some people fell right in line, they understood like, what’s the, what’s the biggest obstacle for these participants to overcome at first? Because if some of it like the tracking and making sure that they’re like staying on the tracking, you know what I mean? It’s kind of like that, that thing of like guaranteed to lose, uh, you know, 20 pounds in six weeks. Let’s just like, do I have to get on the Tulsa Meal Delivery? Like you said earlier, is it a new Kuteng? Exactly. So, uh, you definitely have to, you have to engage and, uh, tracking meals and participate. It’s not gonna work by Osmosis can really only works if you work. It only works if you work it. But the people who’ve came in and understood that, uh, lost significant inches and a weight and just feel a ton better. I

five Kambo Oh, she’s, yeah. Need human. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. She wears the, and I think,

like you were saying, you know, the people that get into it and get on to tracking their food really see results. And I think that’s just the hard part of it. You know, we all live in a culture where fitness is something that we’re aware of and we know that it’s something that we should be doing. But tracking your macros is kind of a new concept to a lot of people outside of the fitness field. And, uh, I think it’s really neat that we have with this service that we offer to, you know, kind of get people’s feet wet in that and say, okay, so here’s how you do this and these are the results that you can see from it. Yeah. Let you be for weeks. It really does change your perspective on how you eat. And you know, you start to see, you start to see the big kids and tracks you grants chatting. You start to see like, oh, you know, every weekend or every month in America there’s Easter, there’s Thanksgiving and there’s always a holiday. There’s someone’s birthday or something. There’s always food thrown at you all the time. So people were like, I don’t know, I’m not losing weight. It’s very simple to be honest. You’re being very particular about what you’re putting in your

backing into Gelati. So the cool thing about that, the macro mill performance program, yes, it is a local, uh, program, uh, that we are currently doing. But anybody that’s following our Facebook, our youtube or anything, you could actually join this program as well. So, uh, we have virtual coaches essentially. Um, you can work with Josh or Sarah or Katie. Um, they can guide you along your journey of losing weight or, you know, we decide it for performance really. But what we’re seeing is a lot of people losing weight and the performance, yes, it’s, it’s, it’s uh, what is I want to buy products and byproducts of that you will get faster, stronger, leaner. And so that all, cause it helped grow hair. My hair is like, I don’t like a lot more like brown lately. I’m losing the gray bit and I need the prices. Right. Losing alarms.

Cool. So let’s go over, um, what’s coming on next with the macro performance program, which you can find also on Tulsa’s number one meal delivery service of macro goes online.com. Uh, macaronis performance program for all of the May competitors are participants. Even the people that were in April at the people that we’re going to go into may all new people as well. You’re going to get a free one hour massage. We’re going to provide that as a little bit of incentive if you want to join the party. I think that’s a wash. It is a wash. I just thought of that. You say you spent a hundred bucks with us, we’re going to give you $100 massage. Where do I sign up for that? So not only going to even massage, I’m going to get leaner, stronger, faster. Grow some hair maybe. Yeah, there. Yeah, I might sign up Josh.

I need some of that. You do the hair growth. Yeah. Razor anyways appears retirement. So anybody that signs up free one hour massage, I think it’s pretty good incentive. So anybody look into that? We’re kind of on the fence. Cause might be the good one to write. Which a model get a free arm size with you. Sign up for this. Yeah. Yeah. And Janie’s pretty, pretty solid yet. Jenny Hoover was ginger. Ginger is a gender balloon ginger or something. I can’t think. Anyway, so moving right along, let’s go. The last thing before we close here. Uh, the new meeting rolled out. A bird is stoked about this one. Pretty stuck, uh, self cam in the house everyday. Uh, so let’s go over meals of the week.

I love that. I have intro music. That’s lovely. Thank you guys so much, man. We’ll be glad I could participate and get in the rhythm guitar. Yeah. Oh heck yeah. I’m going to get one of those in here, like some awesome seven string metal guitar. Anyway, it’s not quiet riot. No, it’ll be, it’ll be fine. It’ll be fine. How’s it going everybody? Oh right. This week we have the Tulsa Meal Delivery option of buffalo chicken salad. It’s one of our standards. It is delicious. It’s grilled chicken tossed in a nice tangy buffalo sauce, Romaine lettuce, blue cheese, celery, carrots, ranch dressing. It’s wonderful. I love that it has almost 40 grams of protein in it. Yeah, we knew that with magic.

Next step, we have the hummus bowl. This is going to be our vegan offer for the week. That’s Hummus. Some mixed vegetables can go wrong and it’ll be great. It’s going to taste wonderful. Philly up. Okay. I hadn’t too. I mean you can’t. You really can’t and you can put it on almost anything. Probably ice cream, maybe not bath that I’ve gotta be. Okay. Yoga Mat, cause it’s nice and chewy. They’re, you know, I guess it depends on the flip flop. Sweet. Yeah. Okay. Sorry. That’s okay. Next up we have these sexual on you. Bolton, new and rent. Yeah. Boom. Doing. It’s going to be awesome. So,

so are we going like, like the sesh one part of as a China did the session one. There’s like real spicy like slurry sauce that’s going to light you on fire. Are we just going with,

I’m not going to let you guys off fire if there’s going to be some heat, but I don’t want to hurt anybody. And as a chef, I mean the og and I can attest to this, our heat monitored as a word broken because I can’t fill your honor’s off. Yeah, it’s definitely off. I have to watch myself in public. Alison, I’m sorry for all the time, so I don’t do that. Okay, next up we have a slow smoked barbecue meat. Whoa. I love this. Yeah. This is one of my favorites. Freaking smoking means if you don’t get that anywhere it’s because it’s a pain the butt to make ’em I’ll absolutely, yeah. What is it worth it? It is. And we’re going to be serving that with red potatoes and peas. Everything’s roasted. It’s like don’t look great. Mom’s house. Exactly. Modestly catch up and all the, and like all of the added calories and stuff that you don’t need. We’re taking those out for you. It’ll be fine. But yeah, Meatloaf, I mean, come on man. Meals. Uh, next up we have grilled steak with mushroom sauce, red potatoes and green beans. Another fan favorite. Oh, Demi glaze. Cameron. But it’s, we had to say mushroom sauce because we’re in Oklahoma. So for me when we do ship National Monaco, Demi Gloss back on. Maybe I’m just kidding. I mean it depends. We’ll, we’ll just have to look at the market research.

Ah, next up, bringing this one back around to the pesto chicken and tomato pasta. You don’t, the only thing wrong with that one is what you run out of sodium soon. Yeah. Like you’re like, oh my God, I cannot sell them more. Both go on. That stuff lasts five hours of my house. Thanks. Harper Clark. Yeah, sal to harbor. Yep. She finds all of the Pasta and destroys all of it. Okay. Next up we have the lemon chicken and orzo soup. This one I’m really excited about doing dug and I dug this one up. Um, it’s gonna be really fun to make. It’s going to have some mixed vegetables to celery, carrots, onions. How am I put a couple of peppers in there or zo? Grilled chicken. Lemon juice. Nice. Tangy. Warm. Hearty in a spring soup. Yeah. Yeah. I Dunno. I might even try eating a cold.

We’ll see. There you go. All right. Next up is a sweet chili garlic chicken with Moroccan curry rice and mixed vegetables and water like seventies. This is all you can. Yeah, yeah. I was talking about this. We’re going to take a sweet Thai chili sauce and we’re going to toss the chicken in that, grill it. And then we’re going to mix Moroccan curry into the rice, maybe with a little coconut milk and the whole mixed vegetables. To top it all, it’s just like eating cake and it’s going to be like the spicy. Absolutely. Johnson be the test kits in today. Yes. Kitchen all week. Okay, so for the breakfast items, we’re bringing a new one in. This is going to be mini Frittatas. Um, bringing it up because that’s the very first thing on the very first meeting. Oh Wow. Yeah. I don’t think I was even in for that ride.

So, uh, obviously fresh eggs, sweet peppers, Turkey sausage. It’s going to be lovely. I’m excited about these ones as well. Another little protein packs, like with the punch man, he just eat them cold or hot. Yeah, very portable, which is nice. You know, you’re in a hurry sometimes in the morning. You can also change if somebody cuts you off in like ticks you off and you can like chuck it out. Perfect. See Stress Relief. Definitely. I mean, numbers a win win. Yeah. And you can cut down on your macros that way. My growing that second one. You don’t have to eat it anymore. Yeah. No, you really don’t. Um, other things on the breakfast, we’re doing the chocolate almond overnight oats, bringing those back again and the apple delight, protein pancakes, Django wrong.

We’ve got a lot of good feedback on some of the newer, uh, uh, glutenous. Uh, breakfast we’ve done. So that delights the, uh, the strawberry banana waffles, freaking home run. I’m super excited to bring these apple, uh, putting pancakes back. There’s so good. They really are than the blueberry was probably my two faves. Rock’n roll. What’s that? We got the customs. Anything new on the customs or uh, oh I don’t have access or we get the dark chocolate cake bites come. Oh my God, no more kids. No more birthday. Cause I got a nickname out of those. These pretty cool. You’re welcome. Thank you. Yeah. If you see cameras on the streets calling kickball Cameron here we got, yeah, he loves that name. Do that. And then hope that you can run faster than me and you can’t. Yeah. Yeah. So the dark chocolate protein bites are coming back. I’m excited for those key lime pie key lime pie once again. And these standard open the dark chocolate oatmeal cookies. You can’t go wrong with those guys yet. Cool. Well that’s awesome. I think that I’m hungry now for most of them, uh, liquid to members. So anyways, if you have any Tulsa Meal Delivery questions, you can call us at (918) 907-3500. You can go out to a website to macro meals, online.com go find out why we are Tulsa’s number one, no delivery service. And with that we like to end every single show. What they.

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