3 – Estate and Legal Planning with Lawyer John Holden – Macro Meals Podcast – Tulsa Meal Delivery

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3 – Estate and Legal Planning with Lawyer John Holden – Macro Meals Podcast – Tulsa Meal Delivery

Hey guys, welcome to another this one of the macro Meals podcasts and Balog Ron on your hosts Douglas Group. And as always joined by none other than Mr Josh, right? If you’re not right, you’re the Tulsa Meal Delivery Josh wrong. Let’s try it cause I’m always on. You’re right for some reason. So it’s, so we’re tying to of hold on, I end kind of not planned out. Uh, but today we’re continuing our 2019 and proving yourself. Um, and we’ve, we’ve had to up the game a little bit. Uh, you know, we’ve had some podcast where Josh and I are on there and they’ll get very many views. They just like, Sarah’s goes way up by, this goes way down. I was like knuckleheads central. What are you gonna bring a doctor on a week ago and like, things skyrocket. Yeah. So this, this week we were pretty honored actually. I mean to have a lawyer on hand where, where so everybody welcome Mister, uh, John C. Holden, a attorney, a law here in the big town of Bartlesville. Um, John is a graduate and this is me reading stuff. Hey, this is wrong. It’s my fault. I’m shine. I had maniacally and researched your, your, your websites and did some and made sure you were part of the bar and they haven’t barging from the bar.

Well, you know, the only thing that I saw that was missing was the fact that I was, I was raised by wolves while eating the Tulsa Meal Delivery options in my early life in a cabin.

I’ll say you are a part of the pack. Okay, fair enough. So John is a graduate of the University of Tulsa College of Law and has practiced law and northeast Oklahoma for over 30 years. That’s longer than need be on line. Seven years close. But I’m 37. I was giving you a compliment. I appreciate that John has focused his practice and change anything about himself. I was like in high school, John has focused his practice over the past 20 years, uh, on elder law, estate planning, estate settlement and asset protection planning. Uh, John is also a member of the elder council, which we can probably deep dive into that here in a little bit. Um, a national network of elder law and asset protection of attorneys. John provides the leading edge asset protection strategies to his clients. The client then has the ability to choose an option that best suits their goals. Asset protection planning includes Medicaid, veteran’s affairs, teaching pension benefits and pension benefits or veteran cause and benefits. And John’s mission statement continues to be to create estate plans that work. So on today’s show, what we’re talking about, uh, is proper legal protection and legal planning for the future. So I have a us, a statistic here says the threat of a lawsuit is very real. There’s nearly a hundred million cases blows we wait, are filed in the United States courts every single year.

That’s one third of the United States population. Yeah. Roughly. I think there’s something about the [inaudible] or in cow population. Yeah.

To assess your chances of being sued. The first step is to figure out where you could potentially be liable, where always priests limit your liabilities or otherwise legally and financially responsible contract disputes are very common source of liability for businesses. Given that this type of lawsuit makes up about 60% of the roughly 20 million civil cases file each and every year, a tort cases or another risk area. This type of lawsuit includes slip and fall cases, uh, employment discrimination and even wrongful death suits making around 11% of civil cases.

So how, how’s that? All right, John, can you follow? No. Yeah. What’s up

2019 if we’re talking about protecting ourselves and gym, making ourselves better people, uh, and the proper diet, proper exercise, um, limiting our liabilities were where, where does, where does, like the legal aspect is, I think the, the, the general population has a maybe a bad taste or bad resolve about lawyers and that kind of thing. I am a bias and, and, and in some of it, right, rightfully so because we work hard for that reputation. So, and in 2019 say, say you are an elder or you’re, you know, you’re maybe even a young family, in my case, no one veteran, you know, what’s a, what’s a good Tulsa Meal Delivery action step or what’s something, um, so some of what we’ve talked about that you would,

okay. Um, well first of all, you, you have an organization or an entity, well that that entity has regulatory requirements. It has, um, Osha requirements. It has a number of different, um, entities that have their fingers in, in your business. Okay. And, uh, what you need to do is to be proactive from the standpoint of how long a minute.

There’s another word. Yeah, I Google that earlier. So it’s like,

it’s, it’s, it’s, it seems like most people come to you in a reactive state. Yup. Correct.

Well, yeah. Well, yeah, I mean most times individuals will come to me after somebody who’s taken a couple of swipes where the sword at him and, you know, they’re asking me where there are other arm is and, and how to have a fix. Um, and my, my philosophy is, uh, not that it’s very well in here too, is that individuals personally, professionally, businesswise need to be proactive. They need to assess. Okay. What is it that I’m doing it, it’s kind of like, uh, from, from a, uh, not that I would, it’s, it’s a lot like you need to be intentional what you do

sounds kind of like what we’re talking about. Exercise and food. Yeah, yeah. Right. Yeah. I mean just like my,

um, deciding or making a determination what six months ago, something like that to start using macro meals as, as a part of mine, uh, overall nutrition and, uh, in my physical fitness purportedly and things like that. Um, the, the legal aspects or, uh, an aspect of intentionality that that individuals need to consider as well in let’s just, let’s take it out of the workplace. You have a home, you have, um, you have a spouse, you have chill. Okay. Then we’re good. Okay. You’re going home. I immediately think, well, I need to get insurance for the home. Uh, I need to get, you know, uh, PMC coverage for, for the home, for the roof that’s going to get damaged by hail or by win. Um, and, uh, and I’ve got to get health insurance and I’ve, you know, you look at different aspects. Well, another aspect is not that anybody, when, when you’re young, I vaguely remember that aspect of, of life it, um, but they, they need to recognize that we’re not all going to live forever. Right.

Why? [inaudible] you know, what we’re talking about? Um, uh, I gave you just believe, you know, but the, but the fact is yeah.

Is that you need to recognize, um, okay, how do you want to leave things? If you, if you pull yourself out of the picture, you know, um, what’s going to happen and you know, and the common times is your wife going to mention your name as an epithet as opposed to as a positive thing from the standpoint of, Geez, Doug, why don’t you do something about this? Why don’t you do something about that? You know,

I get that for like taking the trash out there. You know, this is looking at this looking and you know, again, this is proactive. You know that there are certain things that are going to happen your life

from the standpoint of taking the garbage out and forgiving him to take the garbage out and leaving the garage door down when you back out and the, and stuff like that. And, and when those things happen, this is a kind of a proactive way to save a little bit. I’ve already taken care of that estate plan or I’ve already taken care of you and the kids, you know, and I wouldn’t build on that too much because that kind of is followed up with, with the comment of, so, um, did you pay the life insurance premium for yourself this, this month? And how much did you say that? And you know, how much was that policy again? Then they start, you know, you, you start to get a little nervous, but basically there are a number of things that you can look at that individuals will go and, uh, and so that’s, you know, a lot of what I do is to visit with people, kind of make an assessment, figure out, okay, what’s, you know, what’s really bugging you? What’s real, what’s really concerning you.

So you given me a kind of an estate plan for, or financial guidance for the state and whatnot in the same way that most people would do personal training or nutrition training, where it’s like, you got to, let’s get a game plan, let’s look at the assets, let’s look into the things that you want. Just look at your goals. And from there we can start being intentional about it. And I, it’s funny how I can, I’m so good at this with a exercise science and nutrition, you know, but horrible my finances. So I think younger people especially, you know, they say millennials are not jumping in on this at all. They’re not even savings accounts or Iras or anything of these kinds of feel like it’s futile. And so, uh, that’s the people I think they’re really need to kind of say, you might be eating your avocado toast cause you really also need to look at longterm plan. Right?

Yeah. I mean you, you, the, the concept of, you know, putting money in a shoe box in the closet is, is not really a good one. Right. Um, in truthfully, you know, one of my very first probates, uh, was, was a gentleman who, uh, grew up in the depression and, uh, we did an inventory of his, of one of his three bank safe deposit boxes. And, um, I can remember, you know, the bank officer opening it up and we pulled out the first envelope and it said, you know, um, 1963 mobile and you open it up because I’m expecting a title too in 1963 mobile homes and there’s $100,000 in cash and uh, and you’re going, ah, I think this due to not trust banks.

And um, I believe so. Yeah. Right, right.

Um, but you’ve got to, you’ve got to look at things, um, at least in three year or five year increments. Cisco and realistically, what do a lot of from the standpoint of Medicaid planning and VA plan in now since they changed the regs and in October with respect to non service connected disability pension benefits is I work with people on either a three year term or a five year term. We assess where they are, where they are in relation to eligibility, financial requirements. I will either work with them and their attorney or their accountant or I’ll work with them and a financial advisor in order to figure out, okay, this is exactly where they are and these are the steps we have to take to get them to the point to where they can get that 2000, $200 a month tax free from, from the Va for a couple. Or we can get them five years in, one day down the road to where when a loved one has to apply for Medicaid that loved one’s assets are off the table.

Yeah. That’s awesome. I think it’s alarming and, and uh, people don’t seem to realize, and you, you’ll know this is probably more than anybody that, that men died before women. There’s a chance that we’ll do the percentages are higher.

Yeah. Yeah. We, we have a tendency to uh, to tank or order him a much sooner than, than women

reasons and they’re not with, I would, uh, I would also call that statement up maybe that men are less likely to come see you versus say a woman because I felt kind of like the hidden thing, you know, out of lid I want to talk about, I don’t want much.

Well hey everybody, I mean Doug come on. You know, everybody is like that. It’s kind of like, you know, if, if I, if I finish this estate planning that means it’s okay for me to die and they’re going, well

do you guys watch [inaudible] self fulfillment, self fulfilling process? There’d been no problem. Thomas Right? Adam ruins everything. Great show on Netflix now. It was on true TV. He’s got a whole episode on state planning cause and ultimately death planning. The end, he just talks about how this country does everyone talk about we’re never going to die. And then when it gets to that point, how quickly it kind of spirals out of control because no one’s talked about are uploaded yet we’re structured. So if you’ve never seen that, go check out that on Netflix, Adam ruins everything. The whole show was great. The checkout the one on one.

Yeah. Being proactive and intentional. Uh, I’ve personally witnessed where it’s, it’s separated families after death because it wasn’t the plan down properly and then it becomes a huge litigation. And you’ve probably seen this play out numerous times in court and is also we have the wrong person on the show.

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, you know, w w and this is another component to planning when you’re planning in your planning for, uh, you know, you’re your estate in your children. You have to look at things from a different perspective. Um, you have to look at them from the standpoint of, okay, let’s take the alpha out of the equation. And so how do things love from that standpoint? Are they nice to mom or are they not lost a bomb or they, are they fighting between themselves? Do you know, does, does mommy have to call the police to separate them? Um, you know, stuff like that. Or is there suddenly in child that appears after 30 years and wants to take care of mom and mom, don’t know who the heck they are from, you know, from that standpoint. So there, um, the, those not planning and not communicating, um, your, your plans or the two biggest problems.

And what I always try and encourage people to do is to write a letter and just put it in an envelope, seal it and say, don’t open this until after I die. Yeah. And, uh, and, and it makes a world of difference because, you know, lawyers basically make money on people misunderstanding or miscommunication sentence. Okay, sure. Um, but you know, and so when one person hears $100 in that love and another one here is $100,000, and I love what you did, right. You know, and, and so, um, those kinds of things can be, uh, confusions can be eliminated very easily by simply being proactive in writing that letter. Yeah. You know, but you got to get the paper out. You got to pick and get a pen out and you’ve got a right.

This goes all them all back to planning and being proactive. So I have a couple more things here. Uh, I want to go for a week before we close. I have a Tulsa Meal Delivery statistic and this is kind of a maybe more for business side of things. Sure. Um, but it says, uh, litigation is impossible. Google business, this is from the business journal access. So it says it’s impossible to plan for, but eligible for most businesses. Statistics show that somewhere between 36 and 53% of small businesses are involved at least, and at least one litigation in any given year. And 90% circle, 90% of all businesses are engaged in litigation at any given time. So basically if you’re going to go into business, you’re probably going to be a litigation.

I think that Doug, both you and Josh should probably contract with somebody and, uh, have that needle pointed and put it in a frame. Yeah. Yeah. Because, you know, those are, um, those are words to live by because unfortunately what I tell individuals, um, which unfortunately shows, um, uh, a certain degree of cynicism on my part is that anybody with $250 can file anything against someone who is doing a very good job. Yeah. And that, that action is, even if it’s an annoyance in this day and age, I mean, it’s totally the pulley further lists, um, you still wind up expanding not just 500, $5,000 or whatever in legal fees you spend, you know, 20% of your time, copious amounts of time dealing with that. And at the same time, arguing with yourself about what did I do wrong? What did you know or what are it, you know,

some faceless, was it Aristotle that says, uh, the only way to avoid criticism is to say nothing. Do Nothing. [inaudible] I’m gonna do one more quotes. That’s all in the quotes here before we end here. All right. So the great, everybody knows who’s Charles Dickens is a, he says, if there were no bad people, there would be no good lawyers.

Well, you know that that does beg the question that you know, hardly any towns, regardless of the size have only one, Walter. Yeah. Um, I mean there have to be to Lars, yeah. Be used in order to argue things. But yeah, I mean, you know, if people could get along. Yeah. Well, you know what’s the point? Yeah. You take all the photos,

eat macro mills trauma. Josh said, John, you know, if you see me in the gym, just turn around and walk away. Just be out bench pressing you and doing more burgers. No, that’s not going. So, uh, you know, a list here of acts and items of wants to do, but you know, is it something you do we go higher and turning? Do we, should we get insurance? What’s the best course of action for our listening audience?

For you and for your listening audience? What I would tell you first is, uh, no, don’t go see an attorney. Yes. Sit down in a clear, you know, clear some space mentally and physically and you know, just start randomly making a list of what’s important to you. Right. What you know, what, what, you know, are there things that are important to you that you have concerns about, then you can, you can kind of characterize those. And, and at that point you can say, you know, you know, when we’re, when I do contracts in the future with respect to sales, I really need to make sure that Jews have mediation provision, right. Um, or an arbitration provision when, you know, and, and so you can look at, uh, prevented the things that you can do and, uh, and if you find some that you can’t find the answer to, then yeah. By the find a good attorney, somebody that you can talk to who listens to you

and listen to how you’ll you it. Yeah. I didn’t hear you, man. I might not have to two problems. I don’t listen. And something else you said. Yeah. That’s awesome. Let me know when you get the key back toward works. Yeah. He’s meant to stand up here. Back. Yeah, that’s what I thought. I saw this, this all based on like, you got him to sleep.

So anyways, so John, as we, as we finish here, [inaudible] where you’ve done it, I mean to cut you off.

Oh yeah. I’m an oyster and you see the fork.

Yes. So a call to action.

You’re, so if you’re interested in John Services or even just reaching out to him and discussing maybe your future, um, the best way to do I would say if there’s a couple of ways you can reach on at nine one eight, three, three, six, one seven, two, two, uh, John also has a website. What’s your website?

John Holden attorney@law.com.

I’m John Holden, attorney@law.com. All one word. All Art. Dean suite. So John Asked you one, one last question for, for a close here. Uh, we always encourage our listening audience to be more successful in no matter what it is. Yeah. Um, what would be a good book? Uh, you’ve been very successful lawyer throughout serve, uh, your last five years, uh, 30 or 40 years. I’m not going to say that loud. Yeah. What would be a good book that you would recommend that, that you found this, that’s not necessarily determined your career path or maybe it’s it one that isn’t, that that was very definitive that he can say, Hey, I recommend you’ve ever read this.

Um, well, there are a couple of, a couple that come to mind. Um, uh, yeah, seven habits of highly effective people, um, is, is a good book. Um, I think, uh, email

[inaudible] is a great, great book. Yeah, I just finished that. That was really,

and uh, and then, uh, blink, it’s, it’s about, uh, the transition that we’re going through from the standpoint of, you know, kind of a paper based, uh, society to a, a, a digital internet and type, you know, from analog to digital. Right. Good.

Well, John, as always, guys, thank you for going to talk to at least one Tulsa Meal Delivery person who, oh yeah.

Anyways, guys up. Do yourself a favor club, check out John’s website, get ahold of him, get your stuff planned out. And as always, go find out why backer mills is Tulsa’s number one meal delivery service. Uh, you could fry, try your first two meals out right now for $2 and 22 cents. Uh, www.macromillsonline.com or use your friend to Google type in Tulsa milk delivery service. You’ll find this where at the top of the map, click on the site. You can try us out for $2 and 22 cents as always, thank you for being here. And he’s.

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