4 – Executive Chef Cameron Clark introduction – Macro Meals Podcast – Tulsa Meal Delivery

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4 – Executive Chef Cameron Clark introduction – Macro Meals Podcast – Tulsa Meal Delivery

Well welcome everybody to another edition of the macro meals Tulsa meal delivery podcast and download where I am your host that the screen. I am the CEO and owner of macro meals online.com and as always I’m joined to right Mr “Tulsa Meal Delivery” Josh. That’s wrong. It’s good to be on the right. It’s always good to be on the rise. Here we go on today’s show, what we’re doing, where we’re getting our surgeon in 2019 of an improving yourself and what ways can better improve ourselves as a company, as macro meals, online.com Tulsa’s number one middle delivery service as a raise our game, right? That’s right. So how would we do that? You say, Doug, you guys have a great product and good brand. What could you possibly do to me? I mean, how do you have, again, I thought you know, we were very active there and then I know little did he know and then this person next to me, Cameron Clark came into our life that’s shown everybody. Everybody welcomed the new executive chef of Tulsa’s, number one meal delivery service. Mr. Cameron Clark, I’m going to apply for myself. How are y’all doing? Is that like, it’s like, are you on your cell phone or meet each other on camp? I mean, maybe somebody else would just be watching or listening. The only watching. Yeah, it’d make more sense if you just listen to this. If you’re watching, you’re like, okay, everyone just listened to this. So everyone who was watching is now gone.

We got, you know, we created an issue. That’s all I got. And that’s it. See you later. So today’s show, what we’ll do is just basically introduce Cameron, um, talk a little bit about him, a lot about him and kind of let him talk. Uh, so where are you from? What do you do? Yeah. So first off, introduce yourself and let’s talk a little bit about your history in the kitchen, man. So like, where did it all begin or is it, uh, was it in a van down by the river? Does it almost, yeah. Yeah, it was pretty close. Are you from where you from originally? Okay. So I was born in Sacramento, California. Lived there for a little bit, moved to North Texas, which was quite a change. Yeah. Then we moved up to Oklahoma, lived in Bartlesville and my grandparents are from here.

My parents are from Sears. Progressively got worse. I don’t know if you can give, come on now. Just kidding. Just totally killed fourth generation version. A perfect word. It’s important stuff. It is important stuff. So cooking, uh, how I learned how to cook. My mom always cooked growing up. I always thought that was neat. I kind of didn’t like the casseroles but no, come on. No, I mean that just churns casserole. Grandmas allow you, this is for you. Have you tried Sushi casserole? Never. Whoa. That’s my solution. Casual. You full blown fuses, you all, everything you’re going to do with the role. Especially big role like a bake salmon roll, but you don’t roll it. You just casserole it so you don’t have to worry about role deconstructed. Lacey’s acronym it is. Cut it up and pull it up. Put a little bit more of the Serratia mayonnaise on it and bought a being but a bowling put it like in a Tulsa Meal Delivery sub.

Sorry. Favorite Sushi Gastro. You guys haven’t heard Josh is going to cook this guy and I’m going to hold him to it. You know, we’ll, we’ll put it on the show. Yeah. So you started with mom, uh, on her. What, what intrigued you about that? Cause you know, we have similar stories, but what intrigued you to do that? To maybe even take it to the next level? What said, hey, I think I could do this for her, the career. So it was moving away and realizing that all AA was packaged food or like three main stuff or fast food. And uh, I remember the moment one day in college I successfully burned oatmeal in a microwave. That’s it. That’s man, that’s a move and microwave. Yeah, it was tragic and I realized that I was probably going to die if I didn’t learn how to make myself some food that was out of necessity.

Yeah, absolutely. You know, when you’re poor and you can afford nothing and you have no skills, you burned food. So you need some skills to pay the bills. Well, when you’re hungry, you only burned food a couple of times. You learn very fast, you eat that burned food, even if it’s exactly right. Yep. Cool. So, so from, from college days, what’s a while like when did you first get into like a commercial kitchen and tell her mother the onion story? Like how could that even be then? Okay, so I worked at a place on campus at Oklahoma state for some time. Uh, I’d say probably 10, 11 months. Is that we get your chops somewhat. I’ve got, yeah, I’ve worked with a bunch of chefs a, it’s in the student union, it’s called the Tulsa Meal Delivery ranchers club. And then I moved over to a place called Thai cafe in still water.

Worked for these awesome guys that barely spoke English. It didn’t understand labor laws. Oh my gosh. And I signs 10. Yeah. Yeah. Um, working 16 hour shifts all the time. Welcome to the Culinary and Oh, I did. I did. I learned so much. And those guys were, they were nice. They were tough at the same time. And you couldn’t tell whether they were happy or angry because they yelled at briefings. Awesome man. But yeah, they, they would make me chop things until I got them correct. And I told Doug that, you know, I wouldn’t chop wall the get everything ready, get all the vegetables and meat cut and they shun us. Sneer, you didn’t do that right? Come on, come on. Come on man. You do all that. Yeah, right in the trash. So they would set me out the day with a 50 pound bag of yellow onions and make me chop it all until I got it right.

And they caught me doing it wrong again and made me start doing it with my eyes closed because they said that was my problem. Because you were looking at him ads cause I was watching what I was doing and they were right. So now I’m sure one of these segments, I’m going to be chopping onions for you all with my eyes closed household. One of the cool things as having Cameron here we’re going to do is you start those cooking shows. We’ll do cooking with Cameron and not necessarily like in depth. There’ll be some basic techniques that you could use it at your house. I’m not burning a mill. I want some recommendations is what I want. Who Do you want to see this? We were watching this. What do you want to see first? Or give us a few things that you would love to learn how to cook. It made me like the perfect steak. Yeah. How do you cook chicken? How do you keep it juicy out to everything but a casserole, right? You don’t do cash for Josh. The the have Josh [inaudible] casual, super easy. It’s going to be perfect. I cannot wait to try this man. Oh man, you’re gonna love it. Then you can tell we all grew up poor.

I grew up poor in and then perfectionist. I’m like, I’m not going to roll the Sushi. I’m going to learn how to make a cap. So from there, from you cut in the 50 pound bags of onions. What else was your career taking humanity. You’ve got to see interesting American kitchens, is it? Absolutely. Absolutely. So from there I took a break from the kitchen. I was like, ah, I don’t like this anymore. I’m going to go do construction work. Yeah. Smart move. Yeah. That’s going to be better in different, yeah. And I did that for a while, like right above Carney, isn’t it? Yeah. All right, Connie [inaudible] it’s like, you know, like the prostitute card Dj Shit structure because it’s all right there. Okay. Sorry. No, it’s okay. So I did that mess myself up a couple times and figured, yeah, this probably isn’t for me either.

Moved back to Bartlesville and got a job at the price tower. Worked in that kitchen for a little while, ended up being the sole employee of that kitchen for a period of time. Wow. And a suppression. Yeah. Well it’s a tiny kitchen. They’re really good to be the only person in [inaudible]. It was very small, but it’s hot. And then got a job at frank and Lola’s nice, which really refined things for me and kind of get stuff dialed in. Uh, Adam Gilbert is good at what he does. It’s also then, yeah, absolutely got way better and sauces and things like that. I learned a lot. Nice little saucy. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. So what’s a little bit about like your personal life? I know you’re, you’re married, you got kids. What’s it? What are some of the hobbies? I know you, you’re a sick freak and electric run. Yeah, I understand. Rhonda Brown Law. Yeah, I do like to run a lot. Um, three miles. It’s a warm up. Uh, I like to fly fish. I like to play guitar and drums and I like to garden. When do you do the same time? That’d be amazing. At least on a weekend for sure. And on a unicycle. Ooh.

Multi hat. Multifaceted person. A sub quote here. Uh, actually a statistic says this little love come boy. Anyway. Right now in America there are approximately 94,600 people employed as a executive chef have 300 million. So the stats, they’re still percentages stoma. Yeah. So I think there’s a huge need for it. Yeah. What do you guys have thoughts on that? Everyone’s going to eat two or three times. Usually everybody’s got a, even if you’d gone to eat right, I mean, you might as well try macramed. I mean, we have people sent here. We have a concierge service. Tulsa’s number one meal delivery service right here in new chef. Our brand was here. Our product is going to Trump a guy. I promise you way to try some new things that are coming out. Super excited about that. You can tend to worry this week.

I’m still going. Then the Sushi [inaudible] coming out with IPI. Yeah, we’re going to sell that one. It’s also like that’s the cheap way to do it. This is the house I’ll show you. It’s like the cheapest way to eat sushi cause you can make so much and it doesn’t go to waste. So it’s like fruit free 99. So I got a quote here, uh, maybe you guys can comment on it. So you know, grow up Negro. Well, grandma mom always watched Julia Child. I don’t know if you can get maybe two hours, but to each child obviously. Uh, she says, uh, no one is born a great cook. One learns by doing.

Absolutely. You have to, you have to perform the task. And I mean, honestly, the greatest tool in human existence is the mistake. Yeah. That’s how you learn. The most, every time. Yeah. Yeah. We, we don’t, we are preach professionalism. We actually encourage mistakes. We just, we have a saying around here, just let’s get 2% better each and every week. Um, 2% I’d say like there is some like raw materials you need to be a good chef. Like I can’t follow instructions so I would have to work on that role. I could become a shot, but that would definitely make an uphill battle for me. So people who I find we’re were shots usually can like, they like to light the process and then honing in on the process and like in adapting to the process. And I’m always guys like, what process? Let’s just see what happens.

And that, that creates, I think that’s why like 90 plus percent I think is maybe even higher, like closer to, you know, 95% of first time restaurant tours fail because if they’re really this backyard hobbyists, they think they have a good product. They probably do have a good product. But when you put into a commercial setting, it’s a whole other ballgame. I mean it’s, uh, I, I failed twice, you know, so I can say, do you want to call me? I’ll tell you how to fell a restaurant. Um, thankfully I got all the mistakes out of the way and we’re growing this thing with great people. And you can try your first two Tulsa Meal Delivery meals out right now. 2020 2 cents, www.macromillsonline.com. Hit the button, hit the button. I’m gonna leave with one last quote was for a piece out Josh, uh, from Thomas Keller says a recipe has no, so you as a cook must bring soul to the rest of the hour talking. Yeah, I think we preach that here. Like we talked about in our team meeting was that yesterday, today. Stuff like that. Uh, you can taste a happy chef or a happy kitchen. You can and you can also taste a unhappy chefs and kitchen staff. So hopefully you’re getting a lot of happy food. We keep the environment pretty, uh, uh, uh, beat up notes. I tried to go back to coding.

It’s a fun environment and it’s like, what is your, your job? I don’t have a job cause I’d hate that word. Vocation I think wasn’t bookcase is actually something that you’re called to do. This is about, yeah, the meaning of it is what you’re called to do. Like I’m on dating each single day cause my occupation, this is why we have, so before we go out to sea, go out to Google. I’m going to try this one more time. Yeah. Google, Google machine. Go to Google and search macro mills and you’ll find out why. Read the reviews, find out why we are Tulsa’s number one meal delivery service. And with that we always like to end the show. What they.

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