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5 – Daniel West CPT – Macro Meals Podcast – Tulsa Meal Delivery

Alright, everybody, welcome to another edition of macro mills podcast and download where I’m your host. Doug was scream and always join on my right side, the beautiful hair, the beautiful man he is Josh. Right? Hey you, what’s up? So on today’s show we’re continuing our series of improving yourself in 2019 we hope you’ve got some use out of the past, uh, few episodes. We’ve kind of upped our game dot. I think we’re up for a game. Like we had that doctor and a lawyer, like we went from like down here and like the bottom two are like you and I because we’re not well, I mean I’m a jackass. You’re the smart guy and that’s where we should probably read them still. So the macro meals Tulsa Meal Delivery podcasts and be like Jackass and the smart guy, great guy. The Right Guy, smart asks the right guy.

So maybe we will reach out to the community and you guys can tell us what you want to call her anyways, so I’ll tell you. So, like I said, we’re, we’re continuing to see what’s out there proving yourself in 2019 and we’re, we’re super honored to have Mr. Daniel West on the show. Hello, this is Daniel. So let me give you a little bit of history about Daniel. So I just, I googled your name because you’re kind of a big deal in this area maybe. Yeah. So Daniel, he’s a graduate of Texas A and. M. Yeah, I don’t know where it is that we’re just technically middle college. So Daniel has the head strength coach and Co owner of pure health, their performance. Um, he has a bachelor’s of science and bs with no bs in kinesiology. He also has his east certified personal training certificates. He is a u s h w advanced sports performance codes.

He’s a yoga fit level one certified for use precision nutrition, which is f if anybody’s seen us book, it’s ridiculous. Precision nutrition level one, uh, certified [inaudible] like that book is no joke. Like that’s like 700 pages. It’s pretty good. Try it. I like, I may not like so many pages and like, so what you’re saying, he’s just a huge underachiever is what you’re saying. Yeah. Slackers. Slack, slacker. So we have a few questions for you and thank you for being on the show. First off and everyone’s voice, there’s something that we’re going to work it out well we can like edit it somebody else’s voice in there. Josh is pretty talented Freeman at a whole bunch of costs out and put Morgan Freeman’s voice. So I have a statistic here. I was, I was doing some research on this. I’m Jim Statistics and, and people working out and that kind of thing. So I would tell you, you’re sick today, which was kind of stood out. There’s a lot of support behind this, but it says a gym membership may seem like the first step in any resolution to be healthier, but uses usage statistics suggest that they may not, in fact the, that great of an investment, the average gym membership costs just under $60 a month and 60% of memberships go on used. Boo. Yeah. Yeah.

Where’s the wisdom, Mr Tulsa Meal Delivery Certification yet? Yeah. I think it’s because it comes from a sales perspective and not an actual coaching perspective. Right. Most gyms you go to, that’s how you’re going to get your money, get people in the door, get people in the door and hope they don’t say and hope they don’t show up. Um, versus you’re like smaller gyms. Um, if people aren’t showing up in the door, like the community’s not, their family’s not there. That especially at a performance gym, like you’re not pushing off anybody else. So if those people don’t come in the door, yeah.

You have this big gym and like three people working out. Right? Yeah. Statistic really speaks to why the model fitness model in America is broken, still is broken. I think you’re seeing some shifts, major shifts. I think you’re seeing way more community based fitness, crossfit or pure performance, which is like, you know, anything from all the lifting, the power of the day. What’d you say? All the lifts. What does that for some of our viewing audience, it’s called weightlifting. [inaudible] weightlifting on the big style style. Wait. Yeah. Olympics. You go to the clinics can always at 10 you can’t with a crossfit or kind of that we’re powerless there. No Olympic sport for power lifting or crossfit yet. But there is for Olympic lifting there might not be for a long time. Offers got back in the game. That’s right. So the Olympics, you do the clean and jerk and the snatch, maybe not in that order.

The snatch, the snatch, the clean and jerk. And that’s what makes it all the lifting is because she’s an Olympic style. So there you go. We are all educated boat. Everybody is on there, you know. And just like any uh, Olympic level sport, you can get super technical and spend hours training on two movements. It’s like golf. It’s like golf. It’s about just as infuriating because Triangley off, you’ll never, you never notice it. And once you get it, then you have another coach that comes in and it’s like, Hey, let’s change gears just a little bit. And everything is thrown off. Such percentage gain basically starting over all anybody can enjoy all the lifting in this kind of like golf. I can go out and play. I hate golf. I could go out and play it. I’m sorry. I just do, I could go out there and complaining and I don’t have to worry about being a pro and I can still enjoy golf. But if I wanted to be the next level, I have to go out there and spend thousands of hours doing the chipping and the putting texting. We have to, we have two kids that train almost 27 hours a week. That’s impressive just to compete nationally on national level.

So yeah, I wanted to touch on that and which is Kinda cool. And it says actually in the local Tulsa Meal Delivery community and you really don’t get a lot of that. Um, I guess family environment or, or uh, connections and most facilities where I think that’s where you guys kind of differentiate. Um, and it’s, it is like the f 40 fives and the nerves, the orange theory is that crossfit. But you guys have actually like, like that’s your, your core focus is the family and you bringing these young athletes and I say young, I mean

16, 16, 15 going to the nationals, which is a

big deal. Junior nationals. I had told him, no, if Chicago doesn’t warm up we might have to skip. Very negative 30 is not enough for what is the one in Mexico City? Well you hear the deal about Olympic lifting. That’s a big deal for America. We don’t compete well in the world in Olympic lifting. I’m sorry, time we’re, we’re getting there. We’re getting there. We just younger just the sport itself is that clean sport edition because it’s a newer, it’s because we have testing protocols all throughout the year. In Russia you can be tested at any, so Zander, Lauren, if they’re in the testing protocol, um, they could show up at, for him at their house and they would have to provide a blood or a urine hair sample. Yeah. At any level. Other countries that don’t have necessarily, they might get tested. I get tested at nationals only.

So they might skip a nationals one year. They might go two years without being tested. Tested. Right. So the clean sport initiative is saying if America’s going to have this year long and at a lot of countries do have a lot of European countries until they have all year round, you can get tested at any point in time. Um, then all conditioned, right? Same standard. Right. It has to be a clean sport for everybody to compete fairly. Awesome. Cool man. What, so let’s differentiate, you know, a little bit more about pure health performance center. Everybody you can go to check them out@purehealthperformance.org. Is that right? Yep. Or just look up pure health performance on Facebook or Instagram or instruments to grizzle Graham, the grand eight grand grand. You got to do it for the grave to contact Dan and by any of your nutritional or your, your, your Olympic lifting, uh, goals or needs.

Pouncing, powerlifting, mobility. Yeah. Ability class. Yeah. So how would you approach 2019 they, maybe not even your gym specific. Um, how, how do we, as our listeners, how would you go into a gym and not be intimidated and how you guys differentiate maybe from a different gym to be not intimidating. So the first thing everybody that comes to the gym has to have some type of actual goal. Like there’s, there’s too many words like, oh yeah, I lose like five pounds. So ambiguous. It’s like, okay, well then what do you want to do this? All right. There’s no, there’s no performance goal. It’s always just a vanity goal, which is great except for it’s never enough. It’s legitimately never enough and you’re always doing it. Not always sometimes doing it for the wrong reasons. You’re doing it for somebody else, like you have to do it for you.

Um, we like to add the performance aspect in there because even if I’m trying to lose 20 pounds while I’m losing 20 pounds, I might learn to clean or to dead lift or like the performance side of it. So I might only be five pounds down, but now I can do all these things. There was never able to do it. I feel really good about myself because nobody can take that away from you because you earned all of that. Nobody can say, Oh hey, well you, you still don’t look as good as I want you to write. It’s like, yeah, but I did all of this. It’s on the board. It’s not a video. It’s like people saw it. Yeah, that’s pretty, that’s me

to the general public. I would say thing that really helps us to shift your focus from aesthetic to performance. See what your body is capable of. And if you chase that Tulsa Meal Delivery performance a, it feels better. In my opinion, it feels better to be able to be, uh, able to achieve a lot of movements and your body will acclimate and mold to that performance. Right now when I chase a look, I can get real skinny, not be able to lift any weights and I’ll be able to run it all. And I’m skinny for about two weeks and then I go back to not being stupid.

You know what I’m hearing here, and it’s not even just talking to you guys where you know all the previous podcasts, it’s like with, with uh, John last week with, um, but uh, Dr Jeremiah is, it’s all about intentionality. Being intentional about what the new football coach at the high school could have support. It actually has a, he says everything like the smallest intention has the biggest outcome. Everything we, he has the police doing is intentional. Yeah. Even if it’s jogging around in the weight room, like from one movement to the other, like how much does that five seconds of intention go? Right? Maybe it doesn’t, but if it does like, well, I think a lot of, you know what I’m saying and extension there’s about things is preventing you from drifting. Right? Right, right. That’s the biggest thing. It’s your time. It’s your focus. It’s your goal.

You got to see yourself in the fitness and nutrition as a boat out in the ocean. Right. If you just let it sail, you don’t know where we’re going to end up and you have to have intentional landing points and maps and processes too.

Yet. So that’s, that would be like, I guess maybe the first action item for anybody starting in 2019, whether it is your, um, being more mobile like doctor Jeremiah’s talked about or your legal aspects, um, financially, um, Mr. Hood, uh, and even in the gym, like you have to be intentional about what you’re doing. So, so yes, me, I’m stepping into the gym as it is a huge first step and we’re going to talk about real number one at PHP. But, uh, you gotta have set some clear defined goals that are going to be, um, you know, lifelong, like it can be a journey. It really well when I, so when I do personal programming or anybody that comes into the gym, it’s not just a goal, but like a timeline. Yeah. Let’s go three, six, nine and 12 months out. What’s your 12 month goal? And then we’ll work backwards. Then you might do a nine and a six and then a three and then maybe a weekly and a daily. But if you just get caught up on just the longterm and nothing in between, yeah, you’re, it’ll never happen. It will never happen. Like I want to clean and jerk 330 pounds.

But you’ve got, you’ve got [inaudible] 75 right? If I just focus on that, like right now, every little thing that I’ve done

up to this up to that point means nothing like it. It’s so far away.

The other thing is the, you know, you do the, you go for a goal, you write the plan, go after the plan, then you execute as far as you can, see where you get and then reexecute another plan. Right? You don’t just keep beating your head against the same wall.

Well, I think another thing is it’s okay to fail. It’s okay to fail and like, yeah, put yourself out there and if you’re going to fail, failed, right?

I wanted to be a in the top 500 in my region for crossfit regionals or crossfit a open. I made it to the top thousand. That was a failure. But I was in the most shape I’ve ever been in my entire life. So even going, reaching my failure at that point, cause I put a goal out there so far away. Put me in the best shape of my life. So

how did you finish out of the top? 1000 wasn’t like 500 people in the area. Like Oklahoma numbers on master 20 people were. So one of my favorite quotes, I’m going to ask you some, some more questions here, Daniel. But uh, one of my favorite quotes come from Jerry rises says today I will do what others won’t. So tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t. Does that mean to you guys? It’s a little things man. Yeah, it’s a little things day in, day out. But I would also say that also goes on the opposite side. If you need to take a day arrest. Yeah. Take a day around. I think there’s a, uh, probably after having several surgeries, you know, I think that’s where the, like my knuckle head and this comes in as is, you know, I’m from the old school where you just cry it out. That’s still portrayed and pretty much almost every

do. It’s like push through the pain, stuck it up. Yeah, let’s keep going. But like you only have a finite amount of time. So the parent of four that works 60 hours a week. If they can find 20 minutes and like that’s good for this rocky Balboa are right there. And if they’ve been up with a sick kid all night, right. They don’t have to go work out the next right. Right. Yeah. You got it. You got to let it rest. I’m from, I’m down from five days a week to three days of training and I’m actually improving more than I was at five days a week. Yeah. Because it just means I need the rest. Yeah. I got a full time job. I got through old performance, like I got a kid so I travel on the weekends all the time to competition’s crazy thing. Yeah.

What you’re going to, yeah. Like I said, you can keep on re, um, establishing your new goal or new set of strategies that can help you with whatever you’re at that particular time. So you know, it’s good to, to set a goal and go forward, but then also evaluate and adapt. I don’t think there’s enough enough, you have to define it. There’s not enough mean you, you do. Some tweaks and you redefine your kids. A continuous evolution. Uh, one of the key things is adaptation. And you’re like, I’ll watch fighters in UFC and you’ll see a guy thing. It goes in with a game plan for two rounds. That game plan is not working. He goes out the third round, he keeps, stays at the same game plan. I lose respect for him very quickly. Adaptation my friend not working.

Now go back to your bag of tricks and try something else. Yeah. All right man. So here’s the, here’s the question everybody’s been dying to hear the answer to. What are the pure health performance generals? Rule number one is don’t die. Don’t die. Don’t die. So there was intimidation things out. The water. It only two people wrote down already. It’s to break the ice. Um, it’s a like head on a swivel. I mean, we have like bars are moving through the air, right? Don’t walk across the platforms. Um, pay attention, pay attention, like come in. We’re not, we can’t be there to protect your, every movement movement in a gym is dangerous regardless of where you’re at. Like you’re lifting hundreds of pounds through there. It can’t be safe. You know, like, I mean, there are safe ways to do it obviously, but in the grand scheme of things, you’re like, you’re throwing weight through the air.

Um, so it’s basically to say, you know, and our kids, his youngest six year old holds like, they know our youth class knows where they need to be. Die, don’t die, don’t die, pay attention, you know? Yeah. We have, you know, don’t walk in front of a lifter. Um, especially the weightlifters while they’re performing lift. Um, just for their point of view, their concentration and focus. Um, be respectful. If you’re having a bad day, walk out the door and come back in. Nobody wants that. Yeah. Not here. We’re here to Tulsa Meal Delivery support, but we’re not here to not here to take it on for you. So yeah, you have something, uh, I can’t remember what that leads to a tee, what you say, but it’s like a, I think it might be on your walls. They’re like, if you say something with a bad attitude and you’re like, well, what that attitude?

Oh yeah. You’ll never get up that attitude. Yeah. Yeah. Hold on. It’s great. After like a PR lift. Yeah, that’s the worst one. You miss a few lift and someone’s like, you just gotta want it. You didn’t want it. That’s what I hear. All so cool. So tell me a little bit about your kinesiology and how you’re, um, actually doing like Pratham application. Uh, are you, are you using that? Yeah, I mean it’s just a movement science degree. Um, that’s the basis. But the world of sports performance is so young, like some of this stuff, the research only dates back to like the nineties before that we were getting all our, so you’re saying I am young, so we’re getting all our stuff from like Soviet Union, uh, era, you know, plan a whole year out and you don’t deviate from the program. I, that if you die, you die and yeah.

Deal with it. So a lot of it’s new. Um, and a lot of it’s shifting because people try it and it doesn’t work. You know, the take rest when you need to what your maximum recoverable volume, uh, females can handle more volume than males. Like, so a one size fit program doesn’t work for it. Yeah. And I think that’s true in the genetic doctors now showed up in the last 10 right now a general fitness plan, like we could all do the same workout and get healthy. Generally you’re going to, to work out from a performance side, it’s not going to work. Like at some point you’re going to have to deviate. Yeah. I guess I kind of plays into our interesting game. Yeah. We have, yeah, we do have our chef’s table items or gets you there, but when you start getting more intentional about your goals, intentional about your lips, right. That’s why we developed the customs media where you can actually go in and customize your macros. Right? Right. Yeah. When me and Kaylee pick up meals from like around the town, your macro meals, like I’m gonna get to, she’s going to get all that. That’s how it works. Right. We both ate too. Like it wouldn’t work for her and if I ate one, like I’d be smaller than I am. So. Well cool man. Well, Josh, any last questions for Mr. Daniel?

Um, so what’s the date of the national junior nationals that you guys are headed out and is there, is there any, I knew you guys did a fundraiser for some of those repairs for those younger.

Yeah. Look guys, too bad. Listen, how can they find them on, on Instagram or Facebook?

Uh, Zander and Lauren, we post about him pretty much every day. Yeah. Phps we’re looking into, yeah, you can check them out there. They’re pretty tough to kids raised funds or our community poured out so sweet. We actually surprised him by as soon as data with him. That’s really, it was pretty, pretty exciting. And that’s the 17th, February 17th, when we posted a link in our, in our bio, stay tuned and we’ll probably have a watch party somewhere. I will try to get that information out to everybody. I’ll be, uh, like on a, which website does that, do? They use a USAID does their own podcast. Yeah.

Well look, we can link that into [inaudible]. That’d be cool. Yeah. Cool man. Well Dang, I don’t have anything else you have anything else on Josh. I’m stoked to see Zander go and Lauren is going to be fun. Really congratulations to what you’ve, you’ve accomplished in this.

Don’t be intimidated if you guys are like, you know, somebody who’s ever, like, everybody starts somewhere. Everybody starts somewhere. I’m telling you, if people are like all I can do that, just go, go check these guys out. Maybe you don’t even know what your goals are. Maybe you’re somebody who’s like, well I that, you know what, I’ve never even set a goal for myself. Maybe I need to go talk to these guys about what it is to set a goal and look at my body type and figure that out. That’s a good place to start also.

So, well, cool guys. Uh, thank you for tuning in today and, uh, do yourself a favor and go out to Google. Uh, go find out why macro mills is Tulsa’s number one meal delivery service. Um, with that, will you always end it with the ooze.

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