9 – Darah Harris Improve small business future – Macro Meals Podcast – Tulsa Meal Delivery

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9 – Darah Harris Improve small business future – Macro Meals Podcast – Tulsa Meal Delivery

It’s time for another macro mill podcasts and download where winning is the Tulsa Meal Delivery game and we have no shame. Your macro dose of motivation, nutrition and entertainment. And now your host, uh, Green John,

we’re back today man. Another Tulsa Meal Delivery bar raiser. That’s right. Keep on Monday. Backer Mills is like a fun day. It’s spring break. You have a good weekend man. It was good. Yeah, it’s good. Saint Patrick’s two days in a row because you know, Saturday, Sunday. So that was good. Do you need counseling? No, no, no. It was all chill. We had a good time at a our state and kind a nice chill band and it was going to shout [inaudible] job corn beef was, oh I you post to that man. I was like fat kid. I’ve corrected my chair. I’m sorry. I just don’t get invited.

Well I asked you to come to the Karaoke and like 100 times he made like one. So I just kind of, that’s pretty good. Intro song you hear is jobs. Yup. Sorry you guys didn’t know about that. Well welcome everybody. I am super excited today. First off, I’m your host Doug gree with the macro mills podcasts and download where, where you are, your weekly dose of Mojo in our Dojo, macro dose, macro dose low and for Information Entertainment and Jack asked or something like that. Honest as these. So on today’s show, Josh, we’re continuing our series in 2019 of improving dice. So improve myself, improve myself, and then improve myself. So what better way to improve yourself then a bank, a credit union. I would go with the credit personally, especially since you’re here.

No problem. Well anyways, today on today’s show we have a special guest, Deborah Harris. She is the BDO so I thought that meant big dog on campus, but that’s not, that’s not her title. It’s big. Big Development Officer sees the business development, business development officer and personally a macro mills credit union and Business Development Officer of choice. Thank you. Cheers. Cheers. So if you’re in need of a one is personal bank or to own a business, do yourself a favor. Go out and get them a look. But I’ll cover some of that contact information as we go on. But I wanted to build you up just a little bit before then. We’re going to ask them resume time. We’re going to ask some serious questions because this show is all about series. So there is a native of Pawhuska. Where’s that? Just kidding. Totally kidding. Go dogs. That’s right. All she made her hop over here to Bartlesville seven years ago when she started her career with Trudy credit unions. There are served in many capacities in the financial service industry over the last 20 years. You don’t look that old. I’m getting points. [inaudible]

plugs. We can get this stack of that yet. Uh, and is currently the BDO big dog on campus. Yeah, for commercial lending at Judy for commercial lending at Trudy. She has all the fields for Oklahoma. It’s rural communities and grassroots, which is cool because most big banks that come around here, they’re not interested in people that have grassroots or small mindful. Uh, Debra has a love for a handful of very important things, which includes solo cups before. You’ve got to get into this, so, so we’ll move. Go. Huh? Can you sing that song, judge? Okay. I thought it was just a beat. It’s actually a song. I don’t know. The beat one top top. Oh yeah, I saw those words being one time. I don’t think that’s where she’s talking about any MOCHA. I’m good with. Um, she also has very important thing. It’s called like the Weirdos that inhabit our own. Uh, and people all shapes, uh, all types of Wonky, uh, all people. She Super Fan of truity up obviously and was hooked with their culture of service with needs serving the movers and shakers and watching out how relationship ripples across our communities. Ladies and gentlemen, our special guests, their hairs, Boucher.

Let’s go. We need to be in front of millions of people. It will be notes. It will be. So as we are continuous series about banking some, I’m gonna ask you some serious questions that we’ll get some fun stuff and yeah. So, so what are some common mistakes that people do in a, in a, in a business loan? Like when they’re applying for a business, what’s the pitfall? Like? Like some people say maybe have questionable credit or, or maybe they even have good credit. What are some pitfalls or some mistakes that they may have that you would recommend avoiding? Gotcha. Probably the biggest one is not having a concrete business plan. A lot of people come in and have great dreams and have a vision of where they want to be, but they don’t have a direction on how they want to get there. So that’s probably the man you guys are supposed to feel what time Thomas Edison said vision without execution is hallucination.

I mean, thank you. So lights, electricity. Right, right. So that’s the biggest, I think the biggest issue that I see that comes across my desk quite a bit. Um, so in saying that, and also a lot of business owners wait to the very last minute. So they may need to have some cash flow problems, which all businesses have that all businesses go through seasons and they wait till the very last minute. It’s just, that’s just part of, it’s part of the Gig. So a lot of business owners think that it, uh, a commercial loan process is a lot like a, of a mortgage or snobbish mortgage is 30 days. But, or a personal loan, I will give you this. It was easier working with you guys than it was doing a VA loan. Of course. You know, maybe I was like, this is one that the government’s getting there.

So what else? I’m sorry to interrupt. No, I have another Tulsa Meal Delivery question for you. What does it bring it what uh, what, what the women like the [inaudible] Whoa, what we should be shopping for and credit cards or should we even be looking into them? Like, so what, what should we be? If I would tie pride, what should we be shopping for and say a business credit card, personal credit card or the bigger question, should they even be looking into it? Well, I would say yes. Personal or business or business. Yeah. Either way. It’s just handier but it depends on your, what type of industry you’re in. So if you do a lot of, um, I don’t know, I’ll have a lot of office supplies. Let’s say that you have to purchase on a day to day basis, the traveling guys, right? Then you’re going to buy it anyway. Might as well get in the Senate for having exactly get your points. Is this more of a cashflow derivative? No, I would not ever do not use a credit card for cash flow issues. [inaudible]

79% interest, $2 a lot of credit. It’s good for cashflow. So go to a lender, a good lender, and, and look into a line of credit. You’re talking to me, she just wants to [inaudible] right into that. Our lines of credit, a necessity in today’s market place of business. They’re not a necessity, but they definitely improve. They will improve your business. Say approved. We say like, like Josh gets more haircuts and now expanding is, what do you say? When you say improve, what do you mean by well it gives you, it gives you a fallback. So like we mentioned earlier, all businesses go through seasons and, and you’ll have income streams, you know, for instance, like a, like a gym. The first of the year they have an influx of people. Right. And then what, February 12th in Milltown January. Saddam’s usually, right. 16 days I suppose. Yeah. So I want to credit can help you cash flows to those kind of low months until you get your higher months and you can, you know, facilitate that a little bit better. Awesome. Yeah. Sorry. I guess it always goes back to the intestinal man intentionally about, yes, we can.

I think the one like the theme we keep on hitting over say to yourself, if you just improve your intentionality, tension and stress strategy, like it’s good to be a dreamer. Yup. But the dream has to have a game plan and then you have to be strategic about that dream and that game plan. So you can’t just come up with these great ideas that you think aren’t going to send this idea out there and people are gonna throw money at it. I’m actually going to have to seed some profit margins, you know, write it out, show the bank that, use a credit card for my day in day purchases that I’m going to have to do anyway. Right. Get some kickback points for that and then have some minor credit for those type seasons, but be strategic about those types of,

that’s awesome. I’m expand on the West [inaudible] I didn’t know it was this easy. You need and a lot of credit to the benefits of that as then a business credit card is that you’re establishing your relationship with a lender so it’s not licenses is good. Yeah. Yes, absolutely. And so your lender really gets to know you, get to know your business. And so if there’s a need that comes up, it’s a, it’s an easier way to facilitate the credit with them. Right back credit card. And I do balance for that because I think uh, as background goes, as a small company as we are growing, I think the biggest thing I felt, uh, cause I’ve worked with other banks, we won’t mention them because they don’t give us little slack is honestly I think once you start being transparent with, in building that relationship with somebody like yourself usually kind of know you. You’ve kind of weave your way through the ups and downs of businesses. Maybe there’s not a cookie cutter solution, but you’re, when you guys are willing to, right? Yeah, you’re right. You’re willing to work with us in you. And you know, credit unions,

it’s different than the major, major banks here. It’s a local, it’s a your membership model. Correct? Yes. So, um, you know, I do truly feminine a member, thus it already enhances my, what they’re looking through my credit score. I’m not just this massive. Yeah.

Right. Yeah. So there’s a lot of relationship relationship.

If there’s some advantages for sure on that.

We definitely have a member centric culture. It’s awesome. Our culture is based around on that. I mean that’s, that’s what our mission is to serve our members. So it’s when you come to the credit union, a lender doesn’t look for now any lender should isn’t looking to say no, no. They’re looking for a way to, to work. The issue. It goes completely against the default of most are the wings. So much risk and the chances are you’re going to get to know, especially a small yeah. But your literature and help you establish some guidelines on when you yep. And we can contact information coming soon. Yeah. Awesome. You’re walking

in. I have a, I have a business idea. I haven’t really put a strategy completely together. Sure you guys can say, okay,

we need this, this and this. You got this time, Joshua. Well, a lot of people don’t know and they, they’re real tough. But that’s what we’re here for. To help walk you through that. Being your mall fiber to fiber.com scripted in [inaudible]. All right, so I will give us those statistics as we’ll talk about it. They’ll go on the phone, uh, for FDI. See what’s FTSE mean? The federally insured, I’m kind of help, you know what I mean? So there’s an seen insurance limits. The current limit is $250,000 per deposit or per bank who, who are these FDI? See you guys and why? Why do we need federal government? Those guys. Yeah, but there’s a way to structure that. So you, it’s not just $250,000 per person, per bank institution. We have depository operations managers that can help you facilitate that. So if you have $1 million you want to come to posit with the step we can take care of. These are taken much freaking.

So there’s ways to Tulsa Meal Delivery structure that through, through joint trust accounts. And joint accounts and some other other ways. I’m like, so is taken off. Take the money. Cool. So what does dare do for fun? I do. I do. For Fun. This is the toughest question about, well, hobby. I heard something about cuffs earlier. Let’s go back to something about cops. Sela cups, everything. Just he’s better than this. I’ll look at, you can have cereal and we’re talking about the red cups salad. There’s no need for, I actually do not have any plates or you just, I ended up cups. I have paper plates. There is a connection between like summers and picnics and 4th of July and those Red Cup. Right? That is good times. Now that you mention it, like I wasn’t thinking about it. Now I kind of want to go, so now the town’s going to be a winter storm or we’d have to be out of like French toast materials like milk and bread.

So now we’re going to go boom. Wow. A good stock in my house. That’s cool. Yeah. That’s cool. I’ve never heard that one before. Strange. We’ll go. Cool though, Josh. Cool. Awesome. All right, last question. This is a quote says banking in banking and very good business. If you don’t do anything though, banking is very good in business. If you don’t do anything go. I’ve always been afraid of banks. They ended the quote with you. Talk to that a little bit. You know, kind of the old culture banks being run, you know, typically a man with cigars

and whiskey, which doesn’t sound all that all that bad. It say that. I say that it’s not too bad, but I think it was more, uh, you know, it wasn’t, how can we service you, how can we provide a service to our customer? That was the culture back then and it’s totally changed and flip flop now. So now again, it’s not about a no, are you fitting these three guidelines or policies or procedures, which is just varies over every institution has different ways they did things right. They’re not. No. So really that’s an important part to you is to really find a lender that you feel comfortable with. That’s kind of like getting over the ghost of the Great Depression. Um, you know, cause like my grandparents and everyone’s grandparents, do you remember two things? You don’t like Germans because of World War Two and you don’t trust banks because of the Great Depression. That’s a scarcity mindset. There’s not scarcity and that they would have put the money they were putting under the bed or under the sheets in the bank. They went up the interests tenfold at that point.

So yeah, almost like the IRS compound compound a. Okay.

Interests. Yeah. 809th wonder’s world.

So if you’re not up one of those people that are scared to be mindset or afraid of Germans, I say go see their Harris. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Trudy credit and you guys can all reach out to her. Uh, do yourself a favor. Go find out why a truly is the local lender of choice. Um, you can contact Darin Joshua poses in the show notes. Uh, nine one eight three, three, eight, five, nine one one or on cell phone. I’ve never given us stuff on a podcast before, but let’s do it girl, or going for the goal. I mean, can we of this done? (918) 440-1090 again, it’s (918) 440-1090 or you can visit truity on the worldwide web@truitycu.org and with that, Josh, uh, I guess there’s only a couple more announced that we have here. Yeah. You can still try your first two meals out for $2 and 22 cents.

Yeah, you can go out to Google and find out why we’re Tulsa’s number one meal delivery service. But there’s more, there’s more, there’s more. So we’ve been asked and we’ve, we’ve gone through the golf, we’ve gone through the testing, but gone through the trial, we’ve gone through cops doesn’t remember. I’m going to keep on going. We finally got this thing figured out. We’re almost defined, implemented then refined. Yup. Were there April 1st guys, what we’re talking about as our macro mills performance program at kicks off April 1st you heard it here first April 1st um, we’re only over the, no, not for you. Not a joke. Uh, maybe it should be April 2nd. Anyway, so we’re the first month guys. We’re only allowing the first 25, first 25 people. And so depending on the response we get, uh, we will shift things around as necessary as a business move.

But I think to give the community an opportunity to, to see what we can do as a performance program. Um, I think it’s kind of cool. It’s a great opportunity. Um, and Josh is going to be posting some videos, testimonials, testimony of some soft open people. We try and we also do this as a group setting like gyms where we can come in and do a seminar and set the whole thing up as a group before and after photos, discount on food. It’s awesome. But ultimately like the major thing about this performance is we are going to help you do with the macro tracking. We’ve got the meals already, but we’ll also help you track the rest of the economy in Russia. And you can do this seriously. We can help you with the results on macro tracking are insane. They’re just insane. That’s worth the 99 names as well. So we looked around and nationally most of these types of programs are going for $300. We said, we can do that. We can do

for $100 because I don’t know, we just feel like helping people and not, you know, taking all the money. So, uh, at 25 a month, uh, to start off with, because we only have two coaches, so we want to make sure we can reach everyone and get to, uh, you know, get this off, fulfill that 25 people, April 1st performance coaching for $99 for the month, three check ins a week, a macro tracker. Um, we will be texting and communicating with you through those to give you motivation and, uh, information. And if you have any questions, you’ll have someone to kick back to. It’s awesome. And we’re, we’re excited about it.

Test, run it with a few people who, a super successful groups. That’s a cautiously optimistic about it, but it was, it’s, it’s, it’s a, I was kind of blown away myself am really am

for, for, you know, six, seven years in this as like, wow, that I like are, we do a 30 day cut over where I work, but

this is a little bit, this is kind of hardcore and it’s also, I don’t see how this sort of skirt, no, I mean it’s more sustainable. It’s one of those things,

a 30 day of hardcore cut, like where you didn’t know nothing about like vegetables and protein,

30 days and you’re done. And that’s that. This is, so I looked at this when I was like, oh, this is much better. Let’s, let’s run this. And so Sarah and I went back and forth and we’ve got it figured out. It’s nice looking to go. So you can go up to www.macromealsonline.com click on the blue order online, but up top you’ll see there’s only two options out jobs they can do. Our macro mills a meal plan or the macro mills

a performance program. Oh yeah.

Any last comments from you guys are my special guest there. Anything else from truity? Cool. So awesome. We like to end every show with the

please, because I had $30,000 in credit card debt. When they call, I tell them I can’t pay it back. Granted, God dead tomorrow. I may buy my shelf I dining room set or this Boba Fett and it got debt debt, credit card debt. What does that sound? It’s like to Mandy. But takens walked into my store was that you guys sing and, yeah, that was beautiful. And it must be original because I know every song about money and I’ve never heard that one before. Well, it was based on actual events, although I don’t have as cavalier and attitude towards my debt as the song suggests, I’m, I’m actually up most nights with severe panic attacks I’ve, I’ve taken to throwing up in the yard so my Tulsa Meal Delivery wife won’t hear me.

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