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Tulsa Meal Delivery | Marketing Tactics

Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of the macro mills podcast and download. I’m your host, Doug Greene, and today we are super blessed and happy to have another special guest on our show as we generally try to do because most people think that I’m boring and I have no tangible talents or discernible gifts anyways. Uh, so. Oh yeah, that’s not true. Anyway, Sarah Green, our co founder is here with us today and our special guest in the house. Mr Josh. Right. Glad to be back in the house. So on today’s show we are talking about marketing tactics to sell junk food. Boom. I love junk food guys. That’s all I eat. Tulsa Meal Delivery Junk food.

Yeah, I’ve been marketed really well. I’m just kidding. What’s not to love, you know, ultimately they took a whole bunch of psychologists and professionals to see what humans couldn’t stay away from him and then they just pack it in the food as much as they can, you know, Tulsa Meal Delivery for hundreds of thousands of years and we had no access to sugar or I’m easy digesting carbohydrates and now it’s everywhere all the time. I don’t even necessarily think that the marketing is so much what you see is how much what they’re putting in food to make you addicted to the crap. Well, it’s a little tricky. Things like, you know, they have to tell us that our daily amount of fat or daily amount of carbohydrate, they don’t have to tell you the daily amount of sugar on the percentages on that. If they did, there’s only supposed to be five grams of allotted for daily sugar.

Yeah. And that should be coming through like fruit, not fruit. Some like, you know. Exactly. Good, good, Tulsa Meal Delivery. Are, you know, the, the better complex carbohydrates, the better on that one. But what they did, the sugar industry was able to make it so that uh, no, the congress made it something that they didn’t have to put their percentages on the labels of food. That’s insane. That’s. Yeah, it is. That’s insane. Like, you know, if you, if you knew that in a candy bar you were eating 3000 times a daily allotted value to stay healthy, you wouldn’t touch it with a top of that. I, I,

I think I would beg to differ on that one because people are so addicted to it now. They would, they would make up an excuse to eat the sugar they’ve been their entire life. It’s just been, it’s a culture. It’s been bred into their families for generations and it’s been, it’s so accessible now that it’s just commonplace. Tulsa Meal Delivery There’s not a house you go into with your family, your kids, whatever. They don’t have some type of candy there and it was never there 100 years ago. Right.

Well and like you can see the effects of what it does by watching the child. Like you don’t want to give a child a snickers bar because of, well, they act afterwards.

Well that’s this. Our kids, your kids are kids.

Oh yeah. I mean that’s how, that’s how it was. It works Tulsa Meal Delivery though. That’s what the body does and that’s how it reacts. And as an adult, if we’ve had sugar over a long period of time and we’re used to it, those reactions have become suppressed

because we’re addicted and you don’t see the reactions and how they typically are, when, when you’re a child and how you mitigate that as you go to www.macromillsonline.com. And check out macro mills and find out why we’re Tulsa’s number one meal delivery service. So give us a statistic or a quote that our audience could, could take home with them today.

Looks like a, you know, the obesity industry. I liked the way they put that as likely to spin a 315 billion this year. Tulsa Meal Delivery Is that what the bill be? Billion that is three percent of the US economy will be spent on selling crap food that causes obesity.

But it’s like a, a cycle that they don’t want to get out of it because it feeds the hospitals, have feeds the doctor, the doctor, some type two diabetes, a great Solos Medicine,

right? You can sell this one for more. Yeah, it’s, it’s a, it’s a hard, uh, you know, we got to decide sometimes as a capitalist country, you know, you know, if the bottom line profits are really worth a people’s health and, and whatnot. But it, it, it’s, it’s, it’s frightening. I do know like I don’t have cable at my house. I watched Netflix and Hulu and Amazon, so I don’t see commercials, but it’s odd. Even at the gym that I’m at, it’s just in the background and the subconscious message you see all day and then you know, you walk into a quick trip where you walk into a gas station and they’ve intentionally put stuff where you have to make, you have to make it the last decision of your purchase when you’re, you know, you’ve made your decisions. Your brain is now a numb from going in there and having, you know, you might be on the road. Everything’s firing, it’s trying. Tulsa Meal Delivery They’re trying to make that last cell via sugar cell or a, you know, a fat super fat saturated fat type. And so,

and we, we know that the statistics that we’ve talked about before is the, the how the smartphones, making people dumb and they can’t make really sound decisions. So yes, the marketing people know this, that you’re spending three hours a day on social media and watching TV for five hours a day. So why can’t they get the, Tulsa Meal Delivery, the emotions out of you and by the sugar the last second. They know,

right? They work with. Yeah, yeah. Professionals are fighting against you to try to find out how to squeeze that last penny out of you. There’s little things too, like, you know, that blow my mind with what, how profitable sugar is. You know, you go to a, a cook tree up in there. I have the fountain drink. It looks like you’re getting this huge deal because it says a dollar something dollar 25 for a 32 ounce soda. That’s soda to them though in the syrup costs less than a nickel. So the profit margins are insane. Tulsa Meal Delivery Who’s gonna fight that? You know who’s going to take that on? They’re spending more money on the cups and they are on the product. Absolutely. So the syrup and the sugars so cheap for these companies, that profit margin is just going to be hard to take on for long.

So what would be a good action item our audience could take from the either. You know what? I’m highly addicted to this crap. I, it seems like every time I go to quick trip just to get gas, I could walk in and I’m like dammit, m and m’s and here they are. So what is the, is it stopped buying gas? It stay in my house and eat lettuce. Tulsa Meal Delivery What was it? What was a good accident on guys?

Well, as far as nutrition is reading your food labels and track. Yes, I understand them too. So yeah. And Josh Machine, five grams of sugar and nothing should have more than five grams of sugar to keep them healthy state. So when you flip it over and you look at that nutrition label that’s on the back, it says nutrition facts and then the first thing says, you know how many servings are in that container? Sometimes with pop or soda you can see that sometimes there was actually two, maybe even sometimes three servings within one container. We perceive it as being one survey because we’re holding one item. You sell yourself as this one, right? Exactly. Yeah. Right. So, Tulsa Meal Delivery, you know, whether you pick up a king size snickers or a regular size, it’s, it’s still one, right. But obviously there’s a huge difference in the amount of calories, the amount of grams of sugar and, and that sort of thing. Also note that the FDA does not regulate what a company puts on the outside of the package so they can kind of use, kind of screw your thinking a little bit because they can say, you know, this is made with whole grains. That doesn’t mean that the product is 100 percent whole grain. So you actually have to look

the laborers ingredients. We get his whole grains and then we process it into something that’s no longer whole adult. Tulsa Meal Delivery You have to go back and we started with whole grains. You have to go back and look, they have $315,000,000,000, like unlimited resources to get you to buy their product and they’re going to do whatever they can do to manipulate you into buying the crack.

One of my things that I think changed the game for me was the idea of conscious eating, so that means taste it, feel it, and feel how you felt after you ate it. Right? Instead of just slamming food in and running out the door and then realizing like an hour later you feel like crap. Try being conscious when you’re eating stuff, when you’re purchasing stuff, what does it, what does it make you feel like? How does it affect your performance? How does it affect your thinking? Um, and when you chase, when you start doing that, you really think while you’re eating, you start to see man, those like candy bars and soda for like are the top of the list for me that automatically I literally go into like a minor little depression after I eat it from the sugar drop by. You can just feel your body go. Why did that, that emotionally? Yeah, exactly. You feel the drop off that, but if I eat like a sensible, you know, for me a desert is like a fried apples and and whole wheat bread and some peanut butter. Now that still gives me a little bit of a food desert issue. Right? But it a I can feel after I get done eating it. Oh, that I feel better. Right?

So and that back to us talking about

in previous podcasts about being intentional about everything that you do, if you’re intentional about your eating and you’re not, as you know, flying by the seat of your pants, you’re going to see results. You’re going to feel results that most importantly and one of the ways you can do that is go to macro mills online.com and look at Tulsa meal delivery services and you’ll see why. You know, we have 150 reviews of people saying, wow, this stuff is real. It’s real food, real people doing real things. I’m anyways guys, we have an action item for our audience before we close here. Yeah. So take what we’ve given you an what Josh said, do your food journaling, so not just track calories, macros, which we do provide and all of our meals@macromealsonline-temp.mptech.dev, but to really think about the behaviors, what, what does it make you feel like, wow, how did I, how did I perform after I ate that specific thing? Did I feel depressed? I feel like I got a sugar rush, whatever it might be with my husband, more than if you’re not paying attention, you’re not going to know how food actually makes you feel. Don’t let to be subjective. Get objective about it. Really, you know, be a scientist. Collect the data and let the data tell you what.

Yeah, don’t, don’t let the $350, billion dollar industry tell you how you’re feeling. There’s no cookie cutter way of doing this. You’re really going to have to a deep dive for yourself and learn your body and what makes you perform and feel the best. So with that, uh, do have a favorite, goto macro mills online.com. And Click on order online. There’s a blue button up top, you click on order online and you can go order two meals right now, two mills for $2 and twenty two cents a breakfast and an entree. Go read the Google reviews and find out why macro mills online is the number one tulsa meal delivery service. We hope to see you soon. Talk to you later. Bye Bye.

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