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Good morning everybody and welcome to another edition of the macro mills podcast and download where I am your host, Doug Greene. I am the co founder of macro mills online Tulsa’s number one meal delivery service, and as always said, set it. Does that a word sitting, sitting to my right is my bride Sarah. She is the cofounder of macro mills online and as always we’re, we’re super honored to have josh right in the house. Tulsa Meal Delivery he’s our assistant are our sous chef, so to speak, podcast on the podcast. You’re like the soup podcast guy. Yeah, and this is this. There you go. This is a myth buster week, so we’re all moving on to our week number four, our day for however you want to look at it. Longer workouts are better for weight loss. Now I’m from the old school and I have always been taught that get in, get out, get on with your day and that usually get in and get out. It’s always like an hour, hour and a half. Um, and I’ve trained with other people that have said we need to get it done in 25 minutes. I don’t feel like that I’m getting everything out of it and 25 minutes. So what are your guys’s thoughts from the science scientific world? You know, are longer workouts better for, for weight loss?

I think longer workouts can be completely overrated, but yes, Tulsa Meal Delivery Josh kind of speak as far as frequency, time, duration, intensity, those are all fit principles that need.

Would you say fit? Yeah, I tell like fitness twinkie. My mom. No, Tulsa Meal Delivery

let’s see. Intensity

I tell people to follow the fit. Principle freak. Yeah. Frequency. Intensity. Time. So how often do I do it? How intense is it and how long do I do it for? The three major factors that are gonna go down. This is why, uh, those, you know, fitbit’s aren’t helping people that much just to like I got the 10,000 steps in, but it took you 24 hours to do 10,000 steps. You had no intensity. That’s a good start though. It’s a way to get people motivated to think about stuff, but you really. Tulsa Meal Delivery It does. It needs to have a intensity tracker as well that needs

to be part of their needs. And I know we’ve talked about this on previous podcasts is that’s anything that’s not scheduled. Tulsa Meal Delivery And so the 10,000 steps, that’s great for somebody that’s not achieving that outside of a workout.

So somebody, so somebody sent here, listen to this. There’s watching prizes, right? For the theater, watching some Ricki Lake prices, right? Don’t, let’s not Ricki, Ricki Lake and Oprah reruns and they haven’t believed that’s your target regardless. Anyways. Get a fitbit if you haven’t done anything. Yeah, Tulsa Meal Delivery if you, if you want to take it to the next level, uh, get trainer, I call

the fitbit kind of a health charm. You put it on your arm to remind yourself to like, oh, I should probably be doing something fit related today, especially if it’s buzznet you, that’s another factor. But uh, you know, it helps with frequency because everyday it’s going to remind you to do something unless you get to a point where he doesn’t remind you any more than you’re going to upgrade it, which is brilliant marketing strategy. But you know, ultimately gives you a little bit of a, like you have time frames on there too. Tulsa Meal Delivery let’s talk about, you know, if I want, if I have 20 minutes, like people say all the time, I don’t have much time to work out. Well I can get you a crazy good workout in 12 minutes. Hit training or a, um, they call an inner interval training. So what does hit for our listeners that don’t know,

high intensity interval training. Yes.

Interval training, I just call it interval most of the time, but what you’re trying to do is either lifts something super heavy, do something super intense for a short amount of time, or you can do it like sprints, you know, if I didn’t, you know, the old sprint workout where used to run sprint 100 meters and then walk the track. And in sprint 100 meters, that’s informed hit training. Is that like tomato, tomato? It can be another hit training. A lot of. Tulsa Meal Delivery There’s a lot of formats. One of the first things I get people do who have no fitness whatsoever on the treadmill at. I’m sorry, at the, uh, the uh, a rower at my gym. I say row is hard as you can for a hundred meters and then relaxed for a hundred meters and do that for 12 minutes. Start there. And what that does is what they have found is your calorie burn in a long workout is greater.

If I go run a marathon, I’m obviously going to use more calories than if I do a 12 minute workout. However, if I can get my heart rate to exercise heart rate in high intensity exercise, heart rate, it levels up my metabolism for the rest of the duration of that time. So in the morning if I do it, yeah, if I get my heart rate to 175, 185 the rest of the day, my metabolic are going to be highest at the epoch. Yes, the center stands for, but it’s the epoch. It sounds cool. I could last for years,

36 hours post workout. So it depends on how much that heart rate came up and depending on your current fitness level and everything else. But yeah, you can. You can have those calories keep burning at a higher rate for up to 36 hours

gamers out there. It’s like leveling up. Yeah, I leveled up on times three power. Now I’m the thing, I’m the big Mario at this point. I’m no longer little mario. So ultimately you, uh, so I tell people, start there, do all of it though, do all of it. And you know, I like intensity training. I prefer to do like 12 to 15 minute nuts, hard trying not to Puke at the end of it workouts. It reminds me of one of his cage fighting. That is just something I like. I’m crazy that way. Uh, I saw, uh, I think a thing on facebook the other day. Say White. Why do you, uh, why do regular exercise when you can have a, you know, Tulsa Meal Delivery a traumatic experience. That’s what crossfit is. Ultimately. I like putting myself in that, but I’m weird if you’re not into that, start with just interval 12 minute easy stuff.

Try to lift something heavy. A four minute on the minute is one. Another one side I like to do is like, you know the Moms, moms I love every minute on the minute you choose an exercise that for 15 seconds is really hard and then you give you 40, 45 seconds to recover and then hit it every minute. That one’s fun. What if you did he mom buns of students? I did it. Well, I’ve done a back squat, a emr before you had to hit five back squat at, you know, Tulsa Meal Delivery 80 percent of your Max for 12 minutes and I’m telling you at the end, at first it’s like this is easy. At the end you’re like, oh, I’m not going to be able to do it. Why did I say everybody’s watching me? Not exactly at the same time. You want to do days of each moms and interval training when you also want to see if you can go on for distance.

So that brings up a good one. I see a lot of people in and I see a lot in the crossfit community where they go hard core for six, seven days a week and I want, pardon me, the old school part of me says, yeah, that’s, that’s probably really good, but I don’t think that’s. I don’t think it’s healthy. It can be overtraining, especially with if you don’t have the right nutrition. You guys help with that for sure. And how would you find Tricia? I think I can get online and look up one Tulsa delivery, a meal service. Is that right? Macro meals online.com is Tulsa’s number one. Here we go. So if I just put you guys in my google machine, you have Tulsa Meal Delivery, you have the google, the Google machine, you can have nasal and then you get the right nutrition, you need the right rest.

But also too is like that’s why like training, like I just watched the Tulsa route, 66 marathons. Very fascinating Tulsa Meal Delivery. It’s not my thing, but I would if I couldn’t do it, if I knew it’s like it’s impossible for me to do a marathon, then I should tackle it. I should go forward, I should try to do stuff like challenge yourself, but what you can’t do and you’ll see tons of results in that for sure. So you need a little bit of everything. So the myth is ultimately kind of busted in the sense that there’s, it depends on what you’re trying to do. What’s your goal, what’s your goal? And they all have different uh, benefits. So it’s not either or you need to do a little bit of both little Combo, get the job done. I do worry about people, I do see number one, like people talk to me about like, uh, they come into the gym and say I’m going to get into shape and start running, running without like training. Like especially some strength training isn’t the number one injury in America right now. Like, you know, just running injuries and they might not be as severe as like, you know, some other injuries, but it’s going to have little friendly. Exactly. So strength training will help you with your running and your endurance. So you want to, do you want to do a little bit of everything in balance? What does balance will also with, so I think we’re

going to say that this myth is busted, busted, need a little bit of both, a little bit, so hopefully we confuse you and you tune in next time and for even more confusing data. Just kidding. With that, we’ll go ahead and end this podcast and download. I am your host doug with macro meals online.com. Do yourself a favor. Tulsa Meal Delivery Go out on the web, check us out, see why we are Tulsa’s number one meal delivery service.

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