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Tulsa Meal Delivery | Getting Fit Takes Time

Tulsa Meal Delivery | Eating During The Day

Hello and welcome to another macro mills podcast. We’re super excited today to have a awesome guests. Um, he’s done a lot of work with macro mills, Tulsa. That’s number one. Reviewed meal delivery service. I’m Josh, right? Tulsa Meal Delivery Some of you may know him in the Bartlesville area. You guys into the Tulsa area, will know them pretty soon after a hair or podcast. And getting to know Josh, we’ll have him on his future guests. And we’re also blessed to have Sarah the cofounder of macro meals on the podcast today. So, Josh, let’s talk a little bit about. Today we’re going to go over a few subjects, um, throughout the next few podcasts. However, I want to qualify Josh. So just as a personal trainer here in town, he’s also a DJ. He’s also a videographer. He’s like 75 hats. He’s the man with the plan. He’s, he runs the Dojo with the Mojo. None other than Josh. Hi, how are you, sir?

Doing well. Nice. Saturday,

what about Josh? Tulsa Meal Delivery Josh does in a typical day.

Oh, well, you know, everyday is different, but during the week, uh, I’m a personal trainer primarily, you know, throughout the day also run a facebook pages and video edit for social media and for my own a page called right, fixed media and then also for multiple places here in barstow

though. So if somebody were to go find, say I want to look up, right, fix me Tulsa Meal Delivery, what would they do? Would they go to your website or is it facebook?

Facebook, right. Fixed media and Youtube at graphics media is the two first and instagram. So those three instagram, facebook, youtube is where you’ll find my video content, which there’s a lot of training in there. Um, you know, I, my primary style training is crossfit. So a lot of crossfit workouts in their very humble crowd of crossfit. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. We did the small. I’ve had a group of guys that we’ve been, you know, I, I moved back from San Diego to Bartlesville in 2010 and 2009 people started doing crossfit and I came back and my two friends were doing it. So we’ve kept, kept it up the whole time. I did a little bit of cage fighting before that, Tulsa Meal Delivery but you know, the man with many hats. I studied theology, theology at Oklahoma Wesleyan, Yap. And I studied exercise science and nutrition at Grossmont College in California. So yeah, I’ve been the man, whatever it takes, not to have a desk job was kind of my motto. You, you figured it out, just get me out of a cubicle and I’m okay, you know.

Well, cool. Well, on today’s show, so we’re going to talk about, um, five things to know about getting fit and I think there’s a lot of myths. There’s a lot of misinformation on the web. I think coming from you and Sarah, especially having the exercise science background and not only that, the real life experience, you guys have a competed, um, whether that’s in bodybuilding, where you in Kate’s fighting, um, you have to be at peak performance and you don’t do that by chance. Right? So what are, what, Tulsa Meal Delivery, what would be the first of the five things to know about getting fit?

Well, the first thing I, I, when I started getting fit, I, you gotta, you gotta kind of following her passions and it’s hard to have just like a, you know, a goal of like fitting into a certain, a clothes size or weight loss goal if you don’t have the other passions to back it up. So really trying to find a, a movement passion. If that cycling at that swimming. For me it was fighting him that led to crossfit. Um, I tried running for an, I lost, I got some, a little bit of shape with running, but boy, if that would have been the end of it for me, I would have stopped because I was trying to get to a half marathon and marathon. I just did not. I wasn’t a passion. I was just doing it to see if I can prove it to myself. At the end of that, I doubt I would’ve stayed a runner and it probably would have gained all the way back. So continually follow your passions of movement, you know, find the next one.

Think. So it is really defining what is fit exactly what is, what is your fit? It’s not like, it’s not like fitness twinkie in your mouth. Right, exactly what I’m saying. What’s in your mouth? Right?

Well, there’s definitely different levels of fit dial turns from doing absolutely nothing at all to just a little bit to people that are on the way other end of the spectrum that are crossfit athletes or might be bodybuilders, things like that. So there’s a lot of playroom between doing nothing and being a professional athlete and you just have to find out exactly where you fit on that spectrum and at different times in your life, depending on how busy you are, you may be at different parts of that spectrum. Tulsa Meal Delivery that’s okay. But doing something is always better than nothing.

It is hard to define fitness. This is one of the things that, uh, Greg glassman was going after, the founder of crossfit. He was, he didn’t like the definition of fitness where we wanted to broaden it and find, you know, pretty much, uh, you need to be good at a whole bunch of domains of movement. So I can be super strong and can lift dead dead lift 500 pounds, but can’t run half a mile, is that fit or not fit? Does their specialization fitness. And then there’s also generalization fitness and I think for the general public, you know, pursuing multiple things that they could see as pleasurable, a weekend activities or just, you know, getting out there, that’s the start of becoming fair. But yeah, fit as Tulsa Meal Delivery word itself is a hard definition really.

So step number one would be defined. What’s gonna work for you as an individual? What would be the second step, Josh?

You know, the second step after following your passion is a really a measure of success. Objectively, don’t just subjectively, I feel good today. I tell my clients all the time, it’s, you know, don’t trust your feelings. Like my clients will come at all times. Say I feel fat today. And I’ll say, well, what is the scale? Say Says I’ve lost four pounds. See what I tell you. Don’t trust your feelings. So try to objectify, you know, make it objective what your goals are. And also, you know, don’t, don’t let your emotions determine how you feel about your progress, you know, you might feel like, and that’s why I like, you know, find something that’s measurable, if you can, Tulsa Meal Delivery if that’s something that you want to do, um, you know, from people who start running at first, they just run for fun. But see if you can get your pace, you know better that shows that you’re increasing your fitness. If you’re a bodybuilder, make sure you’re checking your stats, you know, those objective ways of, you know, finding if you’re, if you’re getting better, I think is better than being like how you feel about something.

Right? And I guess I could, I could relate to that being in a cooler in the world. So, um, we define things objectively in the kitchen. I can’t grade and artists subjectively or base there pay on, I won’t say a normal person. And subjectively we looked at it objectively. Everybody has their talents and they have a, especially in the culinary world, very artistic minded. So it’s hard for me to grade them subjectively versus the objective,

right? How you’re getting things like what’s the goal, right? Yeah. Push the goal. And I like, you know, throughout the year I’ve tried to do like a mud run across the competition. I try to see how, how I can do my pace on my five ks and 10 k’s. So just, you know, make a variety of things that you can test yourself and challenge yourself and keep on going.

There’s different goals throughout the year. Yeah. Cool. So there’s. So first one is, define your passion. The fire, I’m sorry. Find your passion and then we’re going to measure objectively what would it be? Our third,


well, um, to not focus on weight or a specific size. I think Josh mentioned this with this first topic or first point, but when you focus on your weight, when you get there, then what do you do? A lot of people just kind of completely give up or like they’ve obtained that goal. So now what? There’s nothing more to do because they can’t lose any more weight. They’re happy where they are, but they tend to fall back and fall hard a lot of times into old patterns and old habits. So having something else besides just a number to focus on, maybe it’s focusing more on I want to compete in this event or enjoy more of the journey along the way. Not

Performance for sure. I like to chase performance, uh, in multiple, multiple ways. So ultimately my weight will change depending on what I’m trying to perform. If I’m going to a power lifting competition, I want to get heavier, you know, just physics tells me I’ll pick up more weight if I’m heavier. Um, and I don’t want to worry so much about my cardio, but if I’m coming up on that mud run at the end, at the end of the summer, I don’t want to be running a doing off schools at 215 pounds. I want to try to get somewhere where I’m not destroying myself. So to me, you know? Yeah. Like don’t chase, wait, don’t chase ’em. You know, I hate to say superficial. There’s not specific with you. Weight can be a meaningful thing for some people for sure, but you know, if you’re not happy with the way you look, it’s hard to change that. It isn’t. Tulsa Meal Delivery my experience was it hard to change the way I felt. I started feeling a ton better when I could perform work activities, go do more fun things that and then I just felt good. I felt, you know, you get a runner’s high or you get a training buzz and that’s not caring about what exactly you. That’s way easier to continue. Then I’m mad my jeans fit, the scale isn’t budging, but I’m still able to do something that that offsets just chasing back to be an objective. Exactly. Yeah,

so we’re going to define, we’re going to measure, don’t get hung up on the weight. What would be our fourth thing our listening audience could, could take away from this? I think you know, making sure that you’re dabbling in multiple things, not just weight loss, not just an exercise only, but it needs to be a full rounded component and including. Yeah,

attrition. Yeah. Nutrition and meditation. A lot of times people can be super physically fit, but their brain’s fried because they’d been going so hard and stressed out so much. Um, and ultimately like, Hey, you know, taking 20 minutes of deep breathing throughout the day and also eating mindfully. Tulsa Meal Delivery It’s not sometimes even watching like the calories, but like enjoying the food you’re eating instead of just,

you can, you can achieve that. Josh, if you could go to www.macromealsonline.com and you can see how easy nutrition is and how healthy and how great it can taste a NGO sectors out Tulsa’s number one, meal delivery service, macro mules online.com. And so we’re defining, we’re measuring, don’t get caught up on the weights. Um, we’re looking at multiple activities and as we close must the last bullet point we want to go over.

I say, you know, a full well rounded, um, fitness is not just physical, but it’s also spiritual, emotional, mental. So try to go after your goals, but find a way to do it with the least amount of a negative self talk and least amount of stress. Um, find the pleasure in it, find the joy and that helps you grow spiritually, mentally, physically, all together. And so for me it’s like, you know, having, I love crossfit, but I also, I have two best friends that I’ve done crossfit with it and it’s like, you know, it’s our, it’s our bro session time and it’s very emotionally healthy for me to hang out with those guys and spiritually healthy to hang out with those guys. And so I don’t think without those guys crossfit might become an unhealthy thing for me. I might, you know, either go too hard at it or I might start slacking off on it, Tulsa Meal Delivery you know, they helped me gauge what it is to try to be well rounded, you know, with fitness, don’t just chase

awesome. So it’s got to be a balance. So with that, we’re gonna go ahead and close today. Um, do yourself a favor. Write down these five bullet points to find your passion. Measure what you’re doing. Don’t get hung up with the weights. Do something more than one student activities and find balance in your life, Tulsa Meal Delivery whether that’s emotional, state, spiritual, or what have you. And with that, this is doug from macro mules online.com. Go check us out on the web. Go see why we’re number one Tulsa’s number one mil delivery service. Thank you and peace out.

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