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Tulsa Meal Delivery | Go Get Some Fast Food, Or Not

Tulsa Meal Delivery | The Alternative To Fast Food

Hey guys, what’s up? It’s your boy doug here from macro mills. I want us to record a quick podcast while I’m on the road here today and here’s the alarming numbers and stats. But anyways, I want to talk a little bit today about portion control and overeating and the effects of that. Maybe you haven’t had a chance to check out macro mills. Um, check out our site back from mills online.com. You’ll find out, you can read the reviews of why we’re number one, Tulsa Meal Delivery why we’re the number one reviewed meal prep, delivery service, impulsive again, Tulsa’s number one, build delivery service every had that hope. Alright, so today’s show again when we’re talking about is portion control and overeating, maybe say overheating slash Ntd, but there’s some statistics out there that show 60 percent, 60 percent, 60 percent of America is overweight. Some studies out there, it was even closer to 70 percent federal beach. So let’s rewind. What does that look like? Say Sixty, 70 percent of country’s obese. So you’re in your car driving lunch with your coworkers was saying, and there’s three of you. Yes. Two of the three are considered obese. The United States. It’s just alarming. It’s almost me away. Really. It does.

The people that are already shaped or Sarah under the BMI is under the 25, recommended this 25 during the minority. Tulsa Meal Delivery I mean the society. We are so freaking lazy. Um, so couple things you can do to combat obesity in my mind. Obviously the first thing that comes to my mind is there’s going to be billed prep. I think if you’re forgetting to plan out your day or plan out your week and you’re just going to be flying the senior pants and things are going to go awry and I promise you see my life through this and bodybuilding, I’ve saved for instance, this. Not necessarily, you know, they don’t have enough time to say I’m going to go get some fast and if it was $12 for password, but when they come to the backroom bills they’ll say I just don’t have the money for right now.

And my first question back to them is, was the last time you went to eat out to eat for lunch or whatever? And it always comes back to the, Tulsa Meal Delivery we went to Chili’s a Tuesday. Yeah, I mean when I was that it was $52. You can’t afford macro, but you spent $50 and Chili’s is craft. So plan your day ahead, right? I mean even play in your week. If you have a couple hours on the weekend or you can come check out macro mills, the meal delivery services, you can have your complete week trip down. Alright. So that’s simple. So you could go pick yourself, take a couple hours, get it knocked out so you’re not going out spending all this money on time, on, on food. I mean if you’re spending money on fast food every single day of last and you really don’t care about your, you’re probably going to be a number of sewage.

And people say, do this. I just don’t have enough time to do this. I get it. You know, we own a company, uh, we plan out our day properly. So we have our fitness sketch sketch. Everybody looks at Sarah and I am like, man, you guys have been so easy guy. Great metabolism is. No, we don’t. We don’t know those. What we do is we set ourselves up for success. You know, triggers to say it’s often the little things that you don’t see results and the big thing that everybody wants, right? I mean, do you work out, eat properly? Tulsa Meal Delivery Our kids do the same thing. Nobody wants to use those small things. Daily tidbit that we do that make a big difference that everybody sees the next validation or when I have him on this download is

overeating or binge eating. Tulsa Meal Delivery The holiday thanksgiving, sit here, everybody’s in their family room or their dining rooms are eating, eating, eating, everything evolves around food. I have a couple of tips and tricks I wanted to give everybody that would help you out with this host. Playoff football is going to be sitting around. We have 40 different dips in front of you for that I like to do and it’s super easy to cost you anything. What I do, as soon as I fill it, I stopped getting sooner. Tulsa Meal Delivery You fill it stopped being like, actually we can back up. The first thing I do before I even sit down and maybe go to a family member’s house, what I’ll do, I’ll, I’ll stop by a store or I’ll take my id with me and I’ll put at least 20 ounces of water in there. I it before I go in no longer or whatever.

Nobody’s given me the cessation of getting faster, so therefore I don’t tend to overeat. Right? Tulsa Meal Delivery, so yeah, so we can keep on going about the water thing, but you know, this is going to help you over either of these family. Have everybody calls it the whole time because really that’s what we’re doing is eating the entire house on the holidays. Another way you could counter is you the meal delivery service, macro wheels build delivery services of Tulsa is your answer. Who said you can’t have a meal prep for your family coming over? Nothing says you can’t ensure that your guests are getting proper nutrients. So it was a couple of things I wanted to get out there to you guys, Tulsa Meal Delivery, taking a little road trip here. Go check us out. See what we’re number one tulsa’s number one meal delivery service. It’s www.macromealsonline.com. Again, this is doug. I’m the founder of backroom deals online. Um, so if you guys have any questions, comments, whatever a shout we can call us. We’ll take anybody’s call. Do you have nutrition questions you can talk to Sarah, remember our orders are due on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM and you can pick them up anywhere in Tulsa on Sunday. We have multiple locations. I’ll drop off. Also, pick them up from our store retail store in Bartlesville.

Again, macro meals online.com or nine. One eight, nine zero seven 3,503 five, zero, zero nine zero seven, three, five, zero, zero macro mills build delivery service.

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