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Good evening everybody and thank you for tuning in. I’m your host, Doug Greene, uh, with macro mills Tulsa’s number one, reviewed meal delivery service. You can go to macro mills online.com and find out what others are talking about. So on today’s show we’re going to be talking protein, the importance of it. It’s a building block, is it? How many grants do I need, how many I don’t need, and what it really means to you. Now if I were just winging it, I would probably just, you know, take a couple of protein shakes here, you know, eat normally, but if I had to spell out for me, I think, you know, if I was intentional about my schedule and going to the gym every day, Tulsa Meal Delivery I’d probably want to be super intentional about my protein intake, wouldn’t you Sarah?

Well Hey everybody

here at Sarah, Sarah Green, the other founder of macro mills online.com, Tulsa Meal Delivery service. So Sarah, welcome to the show and tell everybody who you are again and your background. And

so I’m sandrine. I’m one of the cofounders of macro meals online.com and I have a degree in exercise science at fitness and I have multiple certifications. Um, several nutrition certs of course, certified strength and conditioning specialist through the national strength and conditioning association.

So what you’re saying is you may or may not know a little bit about protein.

Yes. Oh, okay. And I also have experience. Tulsa Meal Delivery Real life experience makes a big difference when it comes to knowing exactly how many grams of protein a people should eat.

Awesome. So protein, let’s get this. Let’s just dive right into it. So is there a cookie cutter amount of protein every one should be eating. Like as if I’m 200 pounds, I should eat 100 pounds or 100 grams of protein a day.

There actually there is and there’s actually two versions. So really it boils down to activity level, how much activity is, are you getting? And that really determines exactly how much, how many grams of protein you should be taking in per day. So if I’m a guy said that the office,

you know, kind of sedentary, don’t, don’t do a whole lot, I mean I’d walk up the stairs and I’m like say 100 and 180 pounds, how much protein

I begin, is there a calculation that can do or it’s actually a really simple calculation, Tulsa Meal Delivery so if you’re an untrained person or not doing anything to or care to build muscle mass, just want to make sure that you feel satiated or feeling full between your meals and making sure that you’re getting your protein needs met is actually a point eight grams per kilogram of body weight kilograms or about point three, six grams per pound if you want to do that calculation, but this is just a general recommendation. So if you’re a 150 pounds, let’s say you would consume about 54 grams of protein per day. That’s not too bad. No, not bad at all. So if you’re, if you did it,

macro mills, meal delivery, service of pulses, a meal plan, I guess you could probably reach that 54 grants pretty,

very easily. Most of our meals are balanced where they contain anywhere from 32 up to 45 percent, I think it might be their highest entree. A percent of the meal is protein. So that means you’re getting at minimum about 20 grams per protein of protein per meal and that can be upwards of about 35 grams I’ve seen in some of our meals on wheels in one single.

So you’re, you’re like three quarters of the way there just with one mil. Correct. Tulsa Meal Delivery So is there a statistic you have that would, that would resonate with our listeners that would kinda, you know, hey, why do I need to worry about this protein?

Well there was actually a study published in 2008 in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine and basically they found that amongst 1700 individuals in a weight loss program, those who kept daily food journals last twice as much weight as those who didn’t keep that save food journal. So it’s important to you track exactly all of your intake, whether that’s protein, carbohydrates, fat grams of fiber is another good one even though it’s not a macronutrient to track. Tulsa Meal Delivery Now we one thing that we didn’t talk about, we talked about untrained people, but those that do high intensity exercise or those that really want to build muscle mass, there’s actually they need to consume more protein in order to reach that goal.

So I’m A. I’m a fit dude. I’m trying to eat right. I’ve, I’ve ordered my macro mills of meal delivery services of Tulsa is food and I’ve gone to their site access started there because you have to go to macro mills online.com. Then you click up top, it says order online for the macro meals. Meal Delivery Service of Tulsa is food. So we’ve got all that ready to rock and roll. I’m a fit guy. I’m looking to work out, you know, I’m kind, kinda skinny so I want to bulk up what, what does the say? I’m 150 pound person. I want to get some of those guns for the sun. Sun’s out. Guns out.

So we talk about being untrained. That hypothetical. One hundred and 50 pound person would need about 54 grams of protein per day. That same 150 pound person, if they’re doing high intensity exercise and trading and looking to build muscle, they would need about anywhere from 95, upwards of 135 grams of protein per day. Obviously the more you weigh, the more you train them, the greater your protein needs will be.

So is that using the same calculation as the secretary or the person that’s not turning Tulsa Meal Delivery ?

No. So the untrained person, we’re taking in point eight grams per kilogram of body weight for people that have the goal of building muscle mass needs to be taking in about one point four to two grams per kilogram of body weight.

That seems doable. So let’s say, um, you know, to 50 and I’m wanting to actually lose weight and proteins. Obviously a, a, a, a immuno acid is a building block. If I eat too much protein and say I want to lose weight. So now I’m getting, you know, Tulsa Meal Delivery 150 grams of protein a day or whatever. What does it say at 250 pound man or woman? Is there a a calculation for somebody that wants to lose weight?

It’s actually the same amount of protein regardless, it’s just your overall calorie consumption needs to be a little less than what you expend. However, just know that if you’re in a caloric deficit, it is challenging to add muscle at the same time that you’re losing fat. Remember, those are two different things so you can’t change muscle and the fat or vice versa.

So you’re essentially saying if you had a decent balance, you know you can achieve that through macro mills online or Tulsa Meal Delivery number one, reviewed meal delivery service. You had a balanced up for you. It should be pretty simple to lose some weight. Correct? Oh, but is it a quick fix? Is it like, I mean, say I eat three meals, I dropped seven pounds.

No. Oh, and we know this, right? I mean, it takes time. Everything. You have to be consistent with it, and that’s where that food journaling, that’s statistic that I mentioned earlier, you have to keep track of what you’re eating if you’re really trying to aim for a goal. Otherwise it’s just kind of wandering around aimlessly like, Tulsa Meal Delivery , I think I’m getting my grams of protein that I need per day, but I don’t really know.

So it’s, it goes back to what we talk about a lot here is being intentional on our day, whether that’s in our business life that’s in our personal life and it actually boils down to our, our, our diet. If you’re intentional about your diet, you will see results knowing is growing. So as we get ready to close here, Tulsa Meal Delivery I want to say a good some action items, but I think you might have a quote from somebody.

Well actually the sources unknown on this quote. I’ll take credit for it. Okay, well you better say it then. Alright then I’ll say it. So the quote for the day or for the protein topic is live less out of habits and more out of intent. That’s powerful. So let’s, let’s, let’s break that down. Let’s take it a little slower. Let’s talk about the first part. So live less out of habits, less out of habit and more out of intent. I think that Kinda goes along with the theme here and being intentional. Tulsa Meal Delivery Right? Exactly. So the concept of intention is one that I carry with me in both my personal and professional life.

Cool. So our listeners out there saying, hey, I hear all your content. What kind of action do you have for me for the day or for the week or so

if you’re listening to this, reading this, I would encourage you for the next three days to just track your protein. Just simply track it, see where your grams or protein are per day, and just see if you’re anywhere close to those recommendations that we made. Not necessarily make the change as you’re tracking, but just for three days. Just track it, see where you are

to come up with like a song. No, your grants of protein or something like that.

No, you should totally change that into a rap. No. So what else? Do we have any action items for folks besides tracking it? No, I would just highly recommend starting there and then you know, I gave those calculations. Just see if maybe after tracking for those three days if you’re anywhere close to those targets, some helpful tracking apps that you could use. Tulsa Meal Delivery My fitness power, that’s the one that I tend to use most.

And also side note on my fitness pal, you can find macro mills online, meal delivery services of Tulsa’s food. On the my fitness power application, you just search for macro mills, Oklahoma, and boom, all our meals are in there.

Yeah, it makes it really easy to just input everything in there. Tulsa Meal Delivery we have a 187. Yeah,

meal item one 91 this week. One Ninety one. So action item number one, we’re gonna for the next three days. Everybody track your protein, right? So we’ll do that through the my fitness pal. Or

was it easy to use? Lose it a my plate calorie tracker. Tulsa Meal Delivery Fat secret food. You Kate. I think there are so many out there. It’s just kind of whatever your preference is. So we’re going to track it. And then that was that. See where you are on the recommendation. So remember, untrained is point eight grams per kilogram of body weight. For those that are wanting to gain muscle mass, it’s anywhere from one point four to two grams per kilogram of body weight.

There you have it. Well thank you guys for listening and thanks for Sarah for being here. Go check us out macro models online.com in go find out why we are Tulsa’s number one, reviewed meal delivery service. Until next time, see Ya. Bye Bye.

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