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Hey, what’s up everybody? This is Doug. I’m your host. I’m here with some spectacular guest today and what we want to convey is in our on our show is talking about benefits for you as as a client, you as in your personal life, business life, whatever that is. I’m here at macro meals, milk delivery service of Tulsa. We’re empowering those around us. We’re changing lives one meal at a time, so to on today’s show we have a special guest tailing stump. She is a competitive bodybuilder. She’s also an entrepreneur. And what we’re going to talk about a little bit today is his cardio and how much it sucks or does it sucks. It doesn’t all suck. Yes, there’s some fun ones. There is. So welcome everybody. This is Kaitlin. Say Hi Caitlin.

Hi Taylor. Hey. Tulsa Meal Delivery

So Kaitlyn, tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from and that kind of thing.

I am born and raised here in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Oh yeah. So I graduated from here, but to college here. Started College. I did RSU, Bartlesville. Oh yeah. So I never left and I’m stuck here. So anyway, I started working in a mortgage company, I became a loan officer and now I’m in the title and abstract industry. Um, and then on the side I’m into fitness, so I train a canvas like fitness twinkie in your mouth or on the weekends. But yes, I train a camp three days a week at extreme fitness and I have also prepped for Bikini competition in the past, which I am no longer doing. But um, yeah, so that’s just a little bit about me

suites and we’re also on the show today. We have Mrs Sarah Green, the brains and the brains of the operation here. Say Hello.

Yes, I’ve been on one other podcasts so I have my degree in exercise science and fitness and few certifications along the way. Too many to just rattle off. But uh, yeah, I’m kind of the expert here and the brains behind

which means I have no discernible talent at all. Not True. I can’t do anything. I have nothing to bring. Nothing to the table. Anyway. So on today’s show we’re going to talk about cardio or lack thereof and like how much is two months? Like is it seven miles a week, is that too much or was that. Tulsa Meal Delivery

They actually, they just put out a new study that I saw the other day that says that even people that do like ultramarathons, they still are actually not at risk for damaging their bodies or their health even though they do kind of extreme style sports that they at that there’s benefits to doing that type of activity sources on the other end of the spectrum doing nothing where that definitely has an impact on health.

Well not believing yes, but if they were to try Tulsa Tulsa’s number one meal delivery service macro meals, that would probably fuel they’re run.

Absolutely. Yeah. And it’s awesome because we have a lot of athletes that utilize our food for performance Tulsa Meal Delivery.

So Kayla and in your fitness non twinkie style, your fitness journey, what is what, what, what part does cardio play in your daily or weekly? Is it high intensity or high intensity for first offers? It isn’t low, isn’t steady heart rate cardio what? What, what works best for you or what will you suggest to our listeners?

There is a difference between high intensity and low intensity, so high intensity would be what they call hit cardio. So you’re doing it in intervals, maybe 30 seconds at a time, 30 minutes, fast paced or 30 minutes, 30 seconds, fast paced and you have 30 seconds slow at a steady pace or steady state, which is low intensity. So you’re doing it for a longer period of time at a

lower fat slob like when you like suddenly like I hadn’t moved in like three weeks. Where do we, where do we begin walking? Walking, like how far

subsidies? A great way to start. That’s how I average my steps. Tulsa Meal Delivery Sometimes I just go for a 10 minute walk on my lunch break or in the morning. Um, I try to give at least 10 to 12,000 steps a day.

So at your lunch break you’re probably having some, some macro rules. Macro Mills, Tulsa Delivery Service anyways, so 30 minutes, high intensity, a little bit, a little bit. They’re low intensity. And then what do you.

So American College of Sports Medicine says that American adults should be getting at minimum 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise, so that was something that’s a continuous in nature is what cardiovascular exercises. So that’s anything like walking, running, swimming, anything that you’re doing repetitively over time after time, but you can actually get by with less exercise, less cardiovascular exercise if you choose to use a higher intensity level. However, I do believe that you have to have some experience with that in order to just jump in and start doing high intensity interval training or like was talking about or if you want to do that higher intensity cardio.

I mean that kind of feeds right into, you know, what we talked about previous shows is like 60 percent of the country’s obese. Yeah. So we’ll get, we’ll get with the people that’s listening some. Excellent. I’m hearing a little bit what, what else, what other kind of quotes or statistics that are out there that you guys didn’t give our audience? What else you got?

So Tulsa Meal Delivery I think a lot of us get frustrated, but remembering your end goal is a great way to remember why you’re there. What, because I don’t think that most people generally enjoy doing cardio, but it’s something that’s kind of a necessary evil, so to speak. Um, it’s definitely something that’s necessary in order to create a caloric deficit because science tells us that if you don’t have a deficit in your calorie balance that you will not lose weight. So if you’re not losing weight, then it’s something that you’re not doing, which would be cardiovascular exercise or it may be that you’re eating too many calories for your body at this point in time. And unfortunately, you know, extreme dieting can ruin that ability to cut weight, to lose weight if that’s what your goal is. And so you really have to track and keep, keep a hold of that. But I did find a quote before we started talking today and this is something that I really liked to hear or think about while I’m in the middle of my cardio session. And it’s says, when you feel like stopping.

And now do you have thoughts about why you started so that one more time

when you feel like stopping, thinking about why you started,

so keeping that why in the forefront of your mind, I think that doesn’t just apply to, to working out, but that comply to entrepreneurials entrepreneurs, any type of business or social aspect, we could keep that forefront of our mind and write it on your board. Write on your mirror, look at it when you wake up in the morning. I have my why. Why, why did I start? Macro minerals, Tulsa meal delivery service, the number one reviewed new delivery service of Tulsa macro mills online.com. I haven’t in front of me every single day. So what else do you got Kailyn, but what would you tell our listeners? Um, do you have any statistics that you can give them or

uh, I wouldn’t say statistics, but kind of to go along with what Sarah said about how cardio is not enjoyable. A lot of people tend to fall off track was their cardio or just work out some general if they’re not enjoying it. So if it’s painful or if it’s something that’s not fun to you, then find something that is something that you can complete everyday. So if you don’t want them to do hit cardio for 15 minutes, 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off because it hurts your knees, then why don’t you walk on an incline for about 30 to 45 minutes at a slow pace.

There you go right into the segue. So before we end today, I want to give the listeners that are listening to the background mills, a meal delivery service podcasts here. I want to give him some accident on this. So let’s, let’s start from the top all the way back. Or should we start from the beginners all the way to the top. So let’s say we’re somebody that’s getting like five, 6,000 steps a day. I want to step up the game because my wife is say I want to lose 10 pounds. Where do you guys suggest? Give us, give our listeners some action items that’s closer.

A baseline is obviously to try to get to 10,000 steps a day and that’s, you know, wearing a tracker, using if you have a smart phone, a lot of them have a tracker built into the device where you can just simply use the toggle switch and turn it on or

excellent. I didn’t number one, get 10,000 steps steps, track them on a fitbit, Garmin, Tulsa Meal Delivery

whatever you like. Whatever your preference is. If you just count on your fingers, be really impressive, right man. But give me an excel spreadsheet out so awesome. But. And then the next step is just making sure you’re meeting that minimum, that the American College of sports medicine put out there. Have a minimum of 150 minutes per week of moderate intensity.

10,000 steps. One hundred 50 minutes per week.

Yes, and that’s on top of those 10,000 steps because I think as a person begins to die or tends to go into a chloric deficit, they forget that they’re supposed to be walking because your body is really smart and very efficient and it starts to wear you down and make it feel really tired so you don’t move around as much as you start conserving energy. So it’s really, it gets harder and harder to maintain that 10,000 steps. So doing both of those things.

Cool. Do you have any actual inch for our listeners, Kenny? Yeah. So move more, move more, eat less, eat less,

and joined her at extreme fitness for her

at extreme fitness. She has bootcamps. If you’re actually going to close on your house or any busy, uh, a building or anything like that, you’ll see a quick for her title and abstract services. It’s first title is the first title Dot Com. Kaylin, I mean it is first settled upon first title Dot Com. And what would you want our listeners to do? They’re on your website and how can they get ahold of you? Is there something they need to do?

Yeah, if you just want to call me, you can call me at nine. One eight, two, three, six, five, seven, one zero for your closing needs, um, or any other title or abstract services or you can email me at sea stump at first. Hello. Welcome. Awesome.

Awesome. Well, for, uh, on behalf of these two here, I want to thank you guys for your time and I think everybody for listening to the macro mills meal delivery service, a pulse, those podcast. Until next time, have a good one.

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