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Tulsa Meal Delivery | The Average Customer

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Hey, good morning everybody. I’m your host Doug, the owner of macro bills online.com. Tulsa’s number one, reviewed meal delivery service www.macromillsonline.com. On today’s show, uh, what I wanted to talk to you about a little bit. I’m actually driving down the road here. We’re busy in business and how people are so busy all the time. Um, and maybe a little bit how macro mills Tulsa’s number one meal delivery service can help you mitigate such a busy lifestyle. Blows me away is every time we talked to somebody, not to say we’ve been even yourself. You ask somebody, hey man, how’s it going? Hey, what you been doing? Tulsa Meal Delivery What’s the first thing they were saying? Man, I’ve been so busy filling her. Come on, if you’re looking at the statistic today, and we can pull these up on the notes here for people to research later, but the average person is spending five hours a day watching TV, a 85 interruptions, other phone, two plus hours on social media, facebook, whatever.

So there’s, I’m going to say at least eight hours of the day where you busy over busy, you’re not busy, you’re facebooking, you’re not busy, you’re watching the world series game three. So I think it comes down to honestly is just, is being intentional about your schedule. Tulsa Meal Delivery, we preach all the time that, you know, if you’re failing to prepare, you’re preparing yourself to fail, which is a lot of truth in that, you know, we, we, we actually based our company on because because people are so incredibly busy on top of, you know, we’ve done studies is at acra wheels and our customers and found that we’re saving the average customer four point one hours a day or a week are shopping or cooking, cleaning, packaging, all that stuff. So how do you get your busy life? Also, unbusy was a great question. We hear all the time, you know, I think it boils down to being intentional about your schedule. Are you scheduling your day or your day schedule? How would he look at his background? Comfort, very physical. What we do from our products, our systems internally, my calendar, every hour of the day is scheduled out and I get somebody you say, you know, I can’t do that, you know, I just don’t have time for it, and that’s where we come in, you know, macro meals online.com,

macro meals, a meal delivery service. That’s where we come in. That’s where we help you out. Let us get some of those hours back in your day. Let us help you get back on track, whether it’s your fitness or family, you need to find that. We’re going to help you get back into those routines. Tulsa Meal Delivery My saving is four hours a week, so go over to macro mills online, not this www dot acro meals online. And when you’re on our home page, look at the very top. It says order online.

What did you click on that screen? What will happen is you’ll go into our ordering system. If your very first customer here, just want to try something. We have an officer for you. You can try us out. No brainer. Two dollars and twenty two cents. That’s right. Two bills. You’re going to get a breakfast item and you’re going to his an entree for $2, twenty three cents. You can’t get that anywhere. You can’t go to Mcdonald’s. You can go to wherever they live. Really low excuse to eat, not healthy is what we’re saying here. Give us a try. See what you think about it. For those of you who are already committed or to jump on in, we have subscriptions available for you. We call it our flexible weekly plan. Meals as low as $6, ninety nine cents starting out. You can buy proteins by the pound carbohydrates by the pound vegetables. Other concrete bodybuilders or people that are wanting to weigh things out for yourself or we have substance. You can actually design your on you. Yes. See you on Bison. Bison this week. Tulsa Meal Delivery I want salmon this week. It got it. So go over to macro meals online.com. Social number one, reviewed meal delivery service and it’s give us a shout if you have any questions. We can always be reached at nine. One, eight, nine, zero, seven 3,500

and I get it. So you’re still might be scheduled. Say, you know what, I don’t. I don’t really want to. I’m not into the online buying thing. Totally get it. I know you don’t ever order anything from Amazon or Walmart or wherever you shop every single day. Come on by out. We have walking Wednesdays available now. You can walk into macra wheels online.com. Any of our two locations, 80 percent fewer in south Portland or in Parkville. And you can try and walk in. He can fire meals out. We’ll have them ready for you to go. Salad, entrees, you name it. We have it, but yeah, I don’t want us to be an $8,000 on a meal. Right? I get it. You don’t want us to. Tulsa Meal Delivery That’s why statistics show us that the average ticket price for going out to eat to people just $45, $45 for two people. The average ticket price, the American,

you could have had five mils. That macro bills online posts is number one in the meal delivery service. Tulsa Meal Delivery You’re going to have five meals from us and these are nutritionally balanced. When I say nutritionally bounced or macronutrient balance, you have 30 to 40 percent protein, 30 to 40 percent carbohydrates. Yes, you can eat rice. Yes, you can eat sweet potatoes. It’s not going to kill you. Matter of fact, your brain works better with the carbohydrates and the remainder of the meals are 20 to 30 percent fast. Another added benefit that you’ll see visually how to properly eat. So when you do go out, which we’re not discouraging going out to eat, but we want our consumers to be more educated. When you are going out to eat, what does it look like? Every single one of our meals are going to be exactly what you should be eating all the time.

So I want to thank, uh, our current subscribers. You guys have been awesome as we celebrate our first year in business. Tulsa Meal Delivery We’ve had nothing but grace, great staff, great customers. Throughout this first year there’s really learned a lot and as we’re moving towards our national shipping date coming up here in the next couple months, we really are deep diving into to, to our local customers and our crossfitters are athletes. And really engaging them and seeing how this is gonna apply to our national sales. So for those of you that once you’ve checked us out, go to www.macromealsonline.com. See what all the reviews are about. You can click on our testimonials, check us out if you. If you’re on our website, go to order online blue button at the top where it taking you into our ordering system and you’ll see why we’re Tulsa’s number one meal delivery service.

And for those of you only, you ask those of you that are saying, Hey, you know what? I’m already on your subscription. We want to take it to the next level. And you know what? I’d like to have some nutrition counseling on nutrition guidance is what macro meals does that. That’s right. Our very own cofounders, Sarah Green, Tulsa Meal Delivery she can be reached at Sarah s a r a h, a h s macro meals online.com. Reach out to her, give her a shout and say, you know what, I the podcast. I’d really be interested in seeing what, how else I could take my, my, my, my fitness. To the next level, so being able to walk you through step by step on what you can do to achieve your goals. So I want to say thank you to everybody listening. This is Doug. I’m the CO founder of background mills online.com. There’s a favorite. Go to google and google macro mills online or Google mail delivery service Tulsa and click on macro mills online and see why we’re the number one reviewed. Build, deliver service of Tulsa.

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