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Tulsa Meal Delivery | Breakfast

Breakfast, Deborah bought a welcome to the macro mills podcasts and download. Tulsa Meal Delivery I’m your host, Doug Greene. And on today’s show we are talking the break, the fast. That’s right. Breakfast, everybody’s favorite mill or least favorite meal. Breakfast. So on today. So we’re honored to have two guests where we usually only have two guests today we have two guests.

So I think you said the same thing.

Yeah, Tulsa Meal Delivery so join decided me today is Sarah Green, cofounder macro mills and as always our trusty multiple hat wearing friend, colleague, cohort car, camera man, the man, the myth,

Josh, what’s up? That’d be bad. That’d be bad.

So guys, today we’re talking about breakfast and why? I love breakfast and I like pancakes and Bacon and sausage.

Also part of our myth wheat. Oh, Tulsa Meal Delivery Smith weeds. I thought we’re going to talk. Bacon’s so excited. You forgot that this isn’t a bad.

No. Great. When a node is it, what do you think? Do you like breakfast or not?

I go both ways. Like I easy peg, very hungry. So it. But I, I do try to do intermittent fasting.

Whoa. Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, whoa. Hold on. So I’m going to back it up with a girlfriend needs to stay in your lane. Let’s talk about this intermittent fasting thing, which sounds absolutely ridiculous to me because I don’t know about it. I’m ignorant to the fact. So the average listener, the people like Doug, not youtube brainiacs, Tulsa Meal Delivery, what is intermittent fasting one to one of the benefits of it. And let’s go with a third one because I want to make an interesting was the benefits of intermittent fasting versus say three meals a day, very first place to go.

Taking intermittent fasting can be described in a multitude of ways, but basically break it down. For us, Tulsa Meal Delivery it is a period of time where you do not eat intermittent, but it’s not. It’s different depending on how you want to go about intermittent fasting. Tulsa Meal Delivery A lot of people will do an 18 hour fast, which means that they stop eating from about a little bit before they go to bed until maybe 11 or noon the next day. And then they have their first meal at that point in time. So there’s kind of like skip breakfast,

like a six hour window where they’re eating and that’s it. Yep. Tulsa Meal Delivery Pretty much. Yep. You can choose that six hour, but you choose like a window there and ultimately for a, you know, it’s easy way to just skip a good chunk of calories.

What would. So one, I’m guessing loring or having a calorie deficit would be one benefit. What would it be? And this is not by any means a promotion and promotion to have calorie deficit by any means because we’re. We’re busting the myth of breakfast, both sides of that actually. So tell me why would I. A 40 year old, good looking bald head man. Want to intimate it fast? Is it because I want to lose weight or something? It can be

and a lot of people have trouble with controlling their eating if they have a large window of time that they can eat between. So it is a form of calorie restriction, which in turn could equal weight loss. Some people will do it for other health reasons. There’s research to show that it helps with Alzheimer’s and the prevention and the treatment of a, there’s other studies most of them have to do with um, men mental function and brain power. But there are some studies other, other ways too as far as like type two diabetes, so you have to do your research and make sure you’re working with an expert before you dive into doing something like this. Tulsa Meal Delivery I would recommend

the main thing is like, you know, they kind of say, you know, our ancestors would have to go hunting, hunting, gather when they got hungry, he was, when they got the clearest, you know, the, the shots were clear, they have more endurance because he’s a big need. There was a big need and so, you know, there’s a little bio hack in there to go in and if you skip meals or if you fast, your brain kind of clears up a, you get a little bit quicker and faster because it kind of takes you back in that day. No, that’s, again, not a ton of research on that just yet. It’s, you know, there are people online who will sell you. Fasting is the cure all be all. There’s youtube channels dedicated just to fascinating and it’s very intriguing stuff. I’ve watched a ton of it, but it’s new data as new research, so it’s hard to really get a big a longterm study on it to really bring that one home. But I’ve used it. I find it’s, for me it is a uh, if I eat in the morning, uh, I am hungry or the rest of the day, so if I’m training hard that’s okay. But if I, if I’m lighting up on, if I know the day is going to be not a lot of training is be a lot of like desk work that I usually decide to cut, cut those calories out in the morning. So

what we’re talking about today though is as breakfast, and I’m guessing your intermittent fasting is actually the term of breakfast was I think how fast or break the fast from, from, from waking up

and technically it doesn’t have to be in the morning. That’s the, that’s the misnomer. Whenever you eat, whenever you break fast is breakfast. We just put it to morning. My first meal usually is something egg and vegetable related at noon or 11, which for me is breakfast because it’s when I break the fast. Yeah. So for us to put all of our chips into the concept, but more than 93 percent of Americans agree that breakfast is most important meal of the day. You have 50 slash 56 percent admit to skipping it. Um, so a lot of people find the research that,

well that’s good. Hold on a second back data. So 93 percent of Americans say yes, it’s the most important, most important. But half of those people say are they, they just don’t do it.

Right? Skipping, skipping breakfast for sure. And from what I can tell across the state, a quick scan of data, the chicken that you can look up if there is a lot of evidence that breakfast is the meal that you can put the most calories into because it’s going to put in the right energy, glucose, blah, blah, blah for the what you’re going to be using for the rest of the day. Whereas if I eat a big dinner and then go to sleep, I’m not getting get to use any of that energy. So everything slows down, everything slows down and you go to sleep. So I do think that, you know, just a typical traditional, well rounded way to eat. If you’re going to do that, you know, uh, every three meals a day or whatever is the breakfast would be calorically more dense and then lighten it up as the day goes, depending on your energy needs.

Josh, do you know what? You can get a good breakfast from macro mills online.com. I don’t know if you know that, but I know that has some pretty awesome breakfast out there for you. People that are wanting to be traditional and break your fast in the morning or be like Josh and break your fast at noon because he went to bed at 2:00 AM right now. I’m just kidding. So we do have some delicious breakfast like protein pancakes or apple to like protein or banana nut waffles, which is protein packed. And the crowd favorite is the breakfast tacos. Well that’s that. I was going to say that’s mine right there. Overnight. Chocolate almond overnight oats is pretty.

And you guys did what? I don’t understand what big companies aren’t doing with everything and that is just put protein in it. You want to slow down the glyphs simics have a snickers bar, put protein in it. You want to put, you know he wouldn’t do that with everything. Add protein. If there was just more protein. If it was more macro sensitive data, you would ultimately have healthier foods across the board. Even with stuff that we consider unhealthy foods. For example, pancakes not healthy unless you add protein powder, protein powder to it and all of a sudden you’ve got a healthy pancake. So I don’t, I just don’t understand. I know this is about breakfast, but ultimately I don’t understand why people aren’t just adding protein to all meals. Um, and that’s what understanding macros is about and that’s what getting involved with these guys really helps with it.

So say I’m training and, and I know I’m just not a breakfast person is, is this a red flag? Is this a bad thing? Is What are you guys as experts?

My thoughts is, that’s totally fine. I’m not a breakfast person. In fact, I can train fasted when I wake up first thing in the morning. I have a ton of them.

Not that you can, you do every single day.

I do and I don’t, I don’t eat breakfast. I hate it.

This was back in a second because you get up at 3:00 the morning. Who

wants to get up and cook breakfast at 3:00? Right. Anyway, sorry. Nobody got no time for that. And how long as you’re not waiting so long to break your fast that you start binge eating and from the second you start eating. So it needs to be controlled in a way that you’re still getting some good nutrients,

I would say food track and check your results. If you’re someone who wakes up in the morning, you train and you’re not losing weight, something needs to be checked there. Okay? Now it could be a lot of indicators there. Tulsa Meal Delivery You could be hypoglycemic, hyperglycemic, you could have some things that maybe you know, a bowl of oatmeal or some protein a would be a healthy thing. We do find that like a lot of studies have found that a 30 grams of protein in the morning does help with weight loss. So, uh,

find out now, uh, just track it first and foremost and then also know what your goals are. If you’re someone who wants to train. I like to train later in the day, in the morning, I can do a little cardio session, but I can’t really hit it hard to later in the day. So I’m going to eat differently than someone who’s gonna wake up and work out at 6:00 AM or earlier 3:00 AM. So that’s also another indicator. Like what’s, what time do you train, what are you training for? All sorts of things are a factor if breakfast is important. So that’s the myth busted part. It is. It’s only important dependent on your, your life schedule in your, your workout regimen. So I guess it backs up to what are your goals exactly. What do you want to do? It’s your life,

right? Do you want to be the fat slob on the couch that has an awful bmi and then eat breakfast, right?

Yeah, because you’re just treating it all breakfast. Tulsa Meal Delivery They helping you.

If you’re not doing any exercise, you know you can’t eat, just eat a certain way and be healthy. You can have, you can be healthier if you eat healthy food only and don’t exercise, but you’re not hitting your full potential with that.

So Josh, say I wake up and I want some twinkies, protein, pea protein, and two keys that will probably do sticking up out of a pop tart tweaky sandwich to start out and this stuff, if I chase it with a shot of protein powder or at least slow it down. Cool. All right guys.

Well, that’s our myth and it is officially busted by the two brainiacs here. I’m your host, Doug Greene with macro mills online.com. Through self a favor. Go out to the web, look us up. Go find out why we’re Tulsa’s number one meal delivery service, and thank you. We’ll talk to you next time.

Poof. Tulsa Meal Delivery

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